Letters To The Editor, 16th December 2018

Hardware deliveries Satish Nakched,  Suva The building industry boom has been increasing steadily for the past couple of years with record numbers of permits issued that has placed the hardware
16 Dec 2018 14:09
Letters To The Editor, 16th December 2018

Hardware deliveries

Satish Nakched,  Suva

The building industry boom has been increasing steadily for the past couple of years with record numbers of permits issued that has placed the hardware outlets under enormous pressure to provide the material requirements.

The demand continued after the recent cyclone and many dealers are mostly out of stock on core products and considerable down time has forced projects off track resulting in busting the budget.

The huge demand has placed the suppliers at an advantage and are dictating delivery terms with the customers.

Most of the new building constructions are centred on the recent developed land and normally has a little shed where the builders use as a base and probably about less than fifty from the road.

However, when the building materials orders are placed and paid for at the hardware outlets there is no mention of the distance the materials will be carried to from the truck.

At the site the delivery team says that their company policy is to only to deliver three metres from the truck, dump everything at the road side and insists the owners to sign and acknowledge the receipt.

However, the sensible ones knowing that the materials can be adversely affected by the weather and subject to pilfering ensures that the building materials are safely stored where the owners want it to be. It is understandable and unfair to ask the suppliers to deliver in an unreasonable distance.

I believe that during the purchasing phase the dealers must inform their customers about the logistics requirement so that alternative arrangements can be made by the purchaser if required.

I would appreciate a response from the Consumer Council on the subject of the right of the buyer and this would probably eliminate the dispute at the delivery sites that occurs frequently.


Sick force

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho must be commended for taking a firm stand on the health and fitness of his Force.

We’ve always known that the majority our Police officers lead with their bellies while dragging their buttocks! These days we hardly get to see officers on foot patrol. Instead they are cramped up in Police vehicles cruising around on drive patrol?

Whoever is manufacturing and supplying Police uniforms must be struggling to keep up with the demand for larger sizes! There should be no place in the force for unfit officers.

To be labelled a sick force by their own head is indeed a real shame!

It’s time they shape up or ship out!


Highlights of 2018

Floyd Robinson,  Suva

The clock is ticking, but life in 2018 is limited with just over two weeks remaining.

Many will be reflecting on significant moments that have captured our attention. With a doubt the brief visit by Prince Harry and Megan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will go down in our history books. Not often are we blessed to have a royal couple visiting our shores.

The number of posts and comments on social media are testimony to this. The unveiling of a statue to commemorate Sergeant Labalaba was a touching ceremony that brought tears to some family members.

Nationally, the general election drew perhaps the most attention of all elections ever conducted in our motherland. Fijians all across the globe tuned into live updates and social media following the election results closely and anxiously. While the results are common knowledge, history was created again where 10 women made it into Parliament. This is perhaps a first for Fiji.

At the ANZ Stadium, Ratu Kadavulevu School set another bench mark for secondary school sports by winning the Coca-Cola Games. They also did well in the Coke Deans finals.

The Coca-Cola Games was marked with controversy as protests led to a Natabua High School Student having to rerun the 200 metres sprint event, but this was useless because without other competitors the lone athlete did experience competition and rivalry on the tracks.

One hopes this does not happen again in 2019 because this will certainly affect the credibility and decision-making of officials. Months of training and sacrifices can go down the drain almost instantly if officials are not careful and decisive.

The Commonwealth Wealth Games was a heart breaker for rugby fans. We were in the running for a gold medal, but disappointingly individualism and the lack of concentration made it all too easy for New Zealand to snatch the gold medal while we settled for silver.

We were only about two games away from securing the HSBC World Sevens Series title but kicked possession into the hands of the English who launched an attack that lead to our down fall.

On the positive side, we won perhaps the most number of tournaments including the Hamilton Sevens.

What a revelation Eroni Sau was and one is not surprised with him securing an overseas contract. He is such a devastating player delivering bone crunching tackles and he was very difficult to stop on attack.

In Suva, one is grateful that the bridge at the end of the seawall and the market were finally upgraded and traffic flow improved. Sadly, across most major towns the number of cars, especially hybrid vehicles, have increased significantly leading to heavy traffic jams during peak hours.

Well, views on the highlights of 2018 are endless, but don’t forget to end the year by spending quality time with loved ones because we never know what tomorrow brings. Have a Blessed 2019.


Sevens visa

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Suva

Congratulations to our Fiji Airways Fijian 7s team, coach Gareth Baber and all the support staff for the magnificent, glorious Fijian Sevens Rugby at its best, performed at Cape Town last week.

In Dubai, the USA 7s team starved our boys of the ball and ill-discipline cost us the Cup semifinal game, but our boys still managed to take up the fifth spot playoff.

But in the Cape Town Cup final with USA, our boys were just magic, winning the Cup in style!

My point is that our Fijian Sevens team is on the roll and Fijian 7s supporters who have the funds should go ahead and apply for visas to watch and support the boys in the upcoming popular 2019 legs in Hamilton, New Zealand on January 26 and 27, and Sydney, Australia from February 1 to 3, Las Vegas, USA from March 1 to 3 and Vancouver, Canada on March 9 and 10.

To Fijians who have been dreaming to board an airplane and fly overseas one day, this HSBC Sevens World Series is the perfect opportunity if you have sufficient funds and strong ties like work, assets, business, farm, plantation and property that will bring you back.

Just add me as your friend on Facebook or Messenger if you have any questions because I have helped those whose visa applications have been rejected being granted. After Dubai and Cape Town, I can say with all confidence that our Fijian 7s team will continue to rise and win the HSBC 2018/19 World Sevens Series.

Go Fiji, go!

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