Teachers Upskilled

(The writer is the Fiji National Sports Commission’s Sports Development Manager-Fiji) 22 schools, 46 teachers  benefit from the educate the   educator programme School teachers play a critical part in the
21 Dec 2018 10:57
Teachers  Upskilled

(The writer is the Fiji National Sports Commission’s Sports Development Manager-Fiji)

22 schools, 46 teachers  benefit from the educate the   educator programme

School teachers play a critical part in the development of any sport.

Schools are a major development platform for a lot of sports in Fiji.

Rugby, swimming, netball, basketball, volleyball, rugby league, athletics and football are the main school sports competed for in Fiji at a national level.

At such national competitions talents are identified and put through the various development pathways.

The National Sports Safety Policy highlights the need for safe participation in sport.

Rugby has made a ruling on the coaching of rugby in schools that no teacher may coach a school’s rugby team in Fiji unless he/she has a coaching certificate that authorizes him to coach.

Other sports are starting to take the same stance in complying with these coaching requirements in schools.

With the enforcement of the new policy, teachers will need to be upgraded through proper training.

The Educate the Educator Programme is an initiative of the Fiji National Sports Commission that targets the development and up-skilling of teachers to coach and train a team in a school or the community.

A total of 22 schools from the Central Division participated in a sports up-skilling programme held at Suva Grammar School on November 26-28 in Suva.

The schools included Ratu Sukuna Memorial School, Nasinu Secondary, Hilton Special, Jai Narayan, Jokhan Primary, Ballantine Memorial, Vunidawa Sanatan Primary, Lutu District, Ro Delainamako Primary, Ro Camaisala Memorial, Vunimono S.D Primary, St John’s Primary, Kasavu Primary, Nasinu Muslim College, Assemblies of God High, Nakurukuruvakatini Primary, Wainimakutu Primary, Bainivalu Primary, Gospel  School for the Deaf, Lomary Catholic, Veivatuloa Village, Navunikabi Primaryl and CMF Primary School. A total of 46 teachers, 19 females and 27 males participated in the programme.

The following sports offered up-skilling programs; rugby union (coaching and refereeing and GIR), basketball coaching and netball coaching. An aerobics instruction course was also facilitated at the same programme to promote health and wellness in schools through these teachers.

The high turnout of teachers in the programme follows earlier visits by Fiji National Sports Teams to conduct promotional sports programmes as well as health and wellness programmes in schools and communities. Most of the schools are also part of the Health Promoting Schools; a World Health Organisation Schools Programme that promotes healthy living.

Some highlights from the program;

24 participants received World Rugby GIR Referee Certificates;

Female World Rugby GIR Certificates

7 basketball community coaches were accredited;’

Four Indo Fijian Teachers, three females and 1 male were part of the three day programme;

Two special schools; Hilton Special and Gospel School  for the Deaf were represented;

The oldest participant was 70 years old, Losana Rokotui form the Gospel School for the Deaf;

Equipment donations by Basketball Fiji to Basketball participants;

Hilton Special School teacher Epeli Vatulili who was deaf fully participated in the programme.

Two teachers form Lutu District Sakaraia Vasua and Merelita Raduva will be organizing the Lutu Sports Tournament on December 30;

Introductions of Aerobics Instruction Programme to the teachers assist with the Health Promoting School programmes (HPS)

Teachers three full days of engagement was rewarding as they return to their schools equipped with knowledge and skills to make a difference in the way sport is organised in their schools.

More requests continue to be received from schools wanting similar training. The commission is also working with sporting bodies to offer coach and referee accreditation to school teachers through this programme. Sports Administration Courses may also be offered through the Oceania Sports Education Programme (OSEP) for teachers in schools.

The Fiji National Sports Commission acknowledges the support of Fiji Rugby Union, Basketball Fiji and Netball Fiji for offering their programmes at the three day course. A special thanks goes to the Wellness Section of the Ministry of Health for the aerobics instruction programme offered to the participants.

Edited by Osea Bola




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