How To Compete At A World Class Level

I’ve just spent a week in beautiful Fiji. While there I spent some time with one of my favorite Leadership teams, the wonderful people at the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation a
22 Dec 2018 10:00

I’ve just spent a week in beautiful Fiji.

While there I spent some time with one of my favorite Leadership teams, the wonderful people at the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation a group of talented individuals who are ambitious about creating not just a good or even very good working environment but a world class one.

At around this time also Fiji won the Sevens tournament in South Africa and it got me thinking about what it takes to compete at a world class level.

The Flying Fijians are the reigning Olympic champions and one of the most successful teams in history in Sevens rugby, yet if you look at the common traits that people associate with successful teams then this team  shouldn’t be one of them.

There are many other countries who are competing against Fiji and these other countries have far more resources than available to Fiji rugby.

Other countries have more money, they can pay the players more, they can afford more advanced training equipment, they even have larger populations of people and more people playing rugby yet it’s Fiji, a small island in the Pacific, with a population of less than a million which is only a fraction when compared to AU$24.6 million(FJ$31 m) or ENG$55 million(FJ$147 m).

They don’t have the same resources as other countries but they still compete and win.

The question is how?

In business we tend to get obsessed by money, resources and size with the biggest names making the biggest headlines and it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that if you don’t have these resources available to you then you can’t compete so you should settle for taking a back seat, yet what Fiji rugby has shown is that the most important qualities needed in order to be successful don’t cost anything and once you identify them then you too can be successful regardless of your resources.



If you are passionate about your work and you are part of something that is greater than yourself then you will never get tired at work because it’s no longer work it becomes something more, a passion.



Whenever I’m asked to provide advice on recruitment I always tell people to look for attitude first and skills second.

This is because it’s far easier to train someone to develop new skills than it is to develop them a new attitude.



You can never get enough time. It’s a limited commodity which you can’t get more of yet you can get the energy to make more use of the time you have.

Sleep well, eat right, rest regularly and bring as much energy to your work as you can because at the world class level, every minute counts.


Work ethic

I genuinely believe working harder solves the majority of problems that we face in business.

There are a lot of talented people in the business world but very few of them actually reach any level of success without the right work ethic


Being prepared

Just because the business world is uncertain it doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared .

Structure your day so that you know what you need to achieve. Plan your meetings and turn up on time when they happen.

Plan for the unexpected and you will control your workload rather than the workload controlling you.


Doing extra

You never get ahead of others by doing the same as them.

You need to do more, you need to go the extra mile in order to get ahead.

Whatever targets your competitors have, you need to be higher – do more than your opposition, work harder than your opposition and at a higher standard than your opposition.

That is the recipe for success.

There’s no doubt that when you have more money and resources than other people then you have a significant advantage but what the Fijian rugby team showed and many small businesses around the world show is it’s not always the biggest budget that wins, the biggest restaurant doesn’t always serve the best food, the most expensive hotel isn’t always the best place to stay at.

The examples in business are numerous.

We can all compete at a higher level because what can make the difference between winning and losing is also what money can’t buy.

It’s the qualities I’ve described above that determine success. Money can’t buy passion, it can’t buy the right attitude or the right work ethic.

All of these qualities are a choice. So whatever the challenge facing you whether it’s an individual trying to get a promotion or a company wanting to compete on a bigger scale you need to put aside all the advantages your competitors have and focus on what you can control.

It’s you and no one else who decides what your attitude is, it’s you that decides how hard you work and how much passion you bring to the role and if you choose to do this to a higher level than your competitors then success will be yours.


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