Time To Become ‘Dumb’!

Pragnesh, while you were at the client’s office to resolve the specific issue did you meet the other engineers to find out if they had any more requirements for our
22 Dec 2018 10:00
Time To Become ‘Dumb’!
Mayur Kalbag

Pragnesh, while you were at the client’s office to resolve the specific issue did you meet the other engineers to find out if they had any more requirements for our products?” Anjesh, the sales manager, asked him.

“Sir, I was able to successfully resolve their issue and that too in quick time, but I returned to office immediately.

I did not meet the other engineers” Pragnesh replied in a nervous tone.

“What! You went all the way to their office and you did not think about meeting the engineers and get some more orders? How can you be so dumb, Pragnesh?

“If I was in your place I would have made most of the opportunity.

“I would have tried to talk to their engineers and convinced them to buy some other related products from our company!

“Start using your ‘head’ sometimes” Pragnesh nodded his head and almost sank into his chair.

It was a sales meeting and this entire conversation had happened in front of the full team of seventy five sales executives and sales supervisors.

The meeting went on but Pragnesh kept to himself as he was extremely saddened by his manager’s insulting comment, especially the word ‘dumb’ which he felt was most humiliating to him.

As the meeting concluded and everyone began to leave the room Pragnesh sat there in stress and sadness.

“Am I really dumb? I was and I still am among the top three sales executives in terms of achieving the sales targets for this organisation and this is how I get treated for it” he thought to himself.

Within just a week Pragnesh had written his resignation letter and given it to his manager, Anjesh.

The word about this had spread through the office and had also reached the General Manager, Mr. Rob. “What! Pragnesh has put in his papers! Why? I believe he is one of the few guys in our team with tremendous potential and I also have seen that he has improved in his sales and become one of the top three sales executives.

“Then what has made him suddenly do this?” Immediately Rob telephoned Anjesh.

“Hey, I just heard that one of your sales personnel has put in his papers? Is this true and if so, I would like to know the reason” “Yes Rob, the person leaving us is Pragnesh”.

“But why is he leaving, that too so suddenly? What happened?” Rob was quite concerned.

“I really have no clue Rob. I think he may have received a better job offer” Anjesh replied.

“Are you sure about that or is this your assumption? Rob asked. “Honestly, I am not sure about it” he answered apprehensively.

Not happy with the sudden development Rob directly walked up to the desk where Pragnesh was seated.

“Come with me, let us have some coffee.

“Pragnesh, why this sudden decision to leave us? I have been seeing your progress and you are among the very few who I see achieving success sooner than later.

“I am truly surprised at your sudden decision and would like to know the reason for it.”

“Sir, are you sure you want to have me in this team? After what happened in the sales meeting I have lost my motivation and self-confidence to work.

Sir, please can you tell me if I am a dumb person? Am I someone who does not use his head? You can be honest with me”.

Rob was taken aback by all this and asked Pragnesh to explain everything that had happened in that sales meeting.

Pragnesh told him everything and especially about he being described as dumb and brainless in front of the entire team.

“Dear Pragnesh, the first thing you will do is retract your resignation. I want you back in the team and the main reason for that is you are extremely competent and wise. You are absolutely not ‘dumb’.

To me, what you require is proper mentoring and guidance. You have just joined us immediately after completing your graduation. There will certain things you will need to learn while you are on the job.

Let me tell you something clearly.

In this world there is no one who is dumb or dull.

Even a student who has failed is not dumb.

That student needs proper coaching, motivation and specific guidance and you will see that same student steadily excelling in his or her examinations.

The same holds true for you and for any other employee.


Being DUMB

Dear Pragnesh, I have a totally different perception of the term ‘DUMB’” “How is that Sir?” Pragnesh asked.

“The term ‘DUMB’ or rather each alphabet of that term represents four beautiful qualities that each one of us must develop and then implement.

The ‘D’ of the word dumb represents DEDICATION. It means your attitude of being completely passionate and persevering towards your work and your goal.

The ‘U’ represents UNIQUENESS. It is about being innovative and creative. Being unique is about trying your best to develop NEW IDEAS.

The ‘M’ is all about MOTIVATION towards achieving your goals despite the varied obstacles and hurdles including scolding and insults from superiors as well.” Saying this Rob smiled with intent and continued.


Thinking Big

The final alphabet is ‘B’ and it represents the term, ‘BIG’” “Sir, what do you mean by ‘big’?” Pragnesh asked with curiosity.

“BIG doesn’t mean getting physically big.

“It means thinking big, having big dreams and ambitions.

You were called dumb and that too in front of your team and it was not at all the right thing to do.

There could have been a different and a more positive way in which your manager could have handled the situation.

I too would have gotten extremely affected by those words.

Having said this what you must always remember is that you had and still have a big dream which is to become the best performer in the entire sales team and achieve the promotion of a Sales Manager in the course of time.

Leaving this organization for being insulted in public would have belittled your BIG dream or aim.

Remember, becoming ‘DUMB’ in this way is the right way”

Hearing these words of wisdom was most positive and transformational for Pragnesh.

He had learnt a new meaning of the word DUMB. “I will

surely become DUMB” saying this he smilingly thanked Rob.

They had another cup of coffee after which Rob wished him well and left, leaving Pragnesh with a new and a DUMB attitude!


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