Letters To The Editor 24th December, 2018

Imagine Floyd Robinson, Nasinu Imagine a Christmas without alcohol and kava? What would it be like? Whatever one’s views, enjoy the drinks but don’t forget that there is always tomorrow.
24 Dec 2018 15:27
Letters To The Editor 24th December, 2018


Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Imagine a Christmas without alcohol and kava?

What would it be like?

Whatever one’s views, enjoy the drinks but don’t forget that there is always tomorrow.


Apology not gratitude

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

At the end of what has been several long weeks of drama, the heads of both the Opposition and Ruling parties addressed their followers.

What was rightfully due was not a thank you but an apology to the nation for an absolute waste of time and money.

Now please get on with your business of serving the nation first and yourselves last!


Last laugh

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

Before the election, SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka and National Federation Party leader Biman Prasad were singing a song with the lyrics “Change is coming. Accept the results.”

They built a group of dedicated fans who loved to sing along with them.

Now it appears that neither of them nor their fans have accepted the results, and the changes they all had anticipated must have “forgotten to come”.

They decided to take Government to court with very weak “make-believe” evidence in their allegation of election rigging.  They make so much noise about Government’s 48-hour meeting almost celebrating that they were heading for victory.

Yet it took them more than 500 hours (three weeks) to put up a case.

Now that Government has come out in full force with the truth and ready with all the evidence to present in court and counter the allegations, the opposition threw in the towel, tucked their tail between their legs and ran.

Where is the “vakateratera” and “vakarerevaki” they were earlier showing off on TV?

They could have filed the case a few days or a week after the election, but no, they waited for our Prime Minister to leave the country and while he was engaged in a much bigger and more important fight in the wider effort to sustain life on this planet, they cowardly strike.

Now with the opposition being ordered to pay Government members of Parliament and the court some thousands of dollars, those who attended that 48-hour meeting must be laughing all the way to the bank.


Levuka obsolete signage

Satish.Nakched, Suva.

It has been more than five weeks now since we had our general election and the dust has truly settled after all the excitement and hype that was created in the progress.

The Fiji Election Office (FEO) did all it could to disseminate the relevant information to the general public to ensure the smooth process.

This was done in a timely manner and the people had adequate time to understand and digest the procedures before voting time.

However, this cannot be said for the post-election period as there are many FEO obsolete signages still visible in many parts of the country.

There is a huge square signage measuring approximately six feet in height and three feet square in heart of Levuka Town next to the beautiful scenery seawall walkway that has the list of all the contesting candidates occupying valuable ground space.

Mostly on early Sunday mornings this structure is lying on its back due to vandalism but come Monday morning it is standing up right again.

This is hazardous now and there is a good chance that it may fall over and cause injury to a person as there is no strong foundation basement to keep it secure.

Probably one night it may just drift way with the tide.

I believe that this visual pollution was forgotten to be taken down or is it intentionally kept for 2022?


Opposition rejection

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi

In 2014 Ro Teimumu Kepa as Opposition leader of parliament and her SODELPA and NFP family rejected and condemned outright our 2013 Constitution, but they pretentiously were sworn on Oath in parliament under it for the duration from 2014-2018.

They would irresponsibly boycott parliament or walked off when it conveniently suited them up until of late where they finally came to their senses and realised that they will never win the war but by doing so they were misplacing the trust of their small supporters.

They uttered iTaukei slurs with racially inciting remarks inside and outside parliament and their members got suspended for it, they are disrespectful to our Prime Minister, they rejected the appointment in 2014 of His Excellency the President of our Republic Jioji Konrote to replace Ratu Epeli Nailatikau after he completed his term in office.

They also rejected the appointment of Dr Jiko Luveni as our first Women Speaker in compliance with our 2013 Constitution and long live gender equality and women’s right.

They rejected everything from anything put forward in parliament by the FijiFirst Government which will realistically move our country’s economy forward in the right direction, user friendly policies which will benefit indiscriminately ordinary Fijians were also unsuccessfully rejected by the lot.

For the good of the nation and governments service deliveries our Civil Service reforms or any government reforms for that matter were also rejected outright by the opposition.

In 2017 they childishly brought into parliament a motion of no confidence purposely done only to ridicule our courageous and brave Prime Minister Mr Bainimarama where they knew fairly well it will not succeed because of the numbers stacked against them.

It never saw the light of day like much of their other parliamentary nonsense, and he has withstood the test of time come what may.

On October 2018 in the lead up to election government renewed the term for His Excellency the President amid the many objections from the opposition.

There were so many false prophets with their visions and prophesies leading up to our election by the many rogue Christian talatala’s who favour the Sitiveni Rabuka lies.

After our 2018 National Election our Prime Minister was sworn in at government house including the wining FijiFirst party Cabinet Ministers.

Our parliament was called into session with the first order to appoint a Speaker of Parliament where government again voted overwhelmingly for Dr Jiko Luveni for another term against a political greenhorn and inexperienced nominee from SODELPA.

Similarly Mrs Bhatnagar was appointed Deputy Speaker in a similar fashion which is again a win for women’s rights and gender equality, Salute!

Despite the presence and endorsement of the Multi-National Observer Group that our election was carried out in a free, fair and transparent manner where the writ of elections was returned to His Excellency the President, both the NFP and SODELPA ganged up and unwisely disputed the election results in court.

Although they have already been sworn into parliament under oath which is acceptance or was it a convenience stunt?

The FijiFirst leadership did not waiver and complied, the court case is now history, but what more can SODELPA with their NFP family come up with or are there any other rejections left until 2022?

It will certainly be a case of the rejected oppositions in our next election for sure, but what of the SODELPA and NFP manifestos now?

It’s all false promises again for the next four years.


Labasa Runaway

  1. Shariff Shah, Savusavu

Is the above runway long enough to handle both ATR 42 and 72s?

The pilots try their best to stop the plane by slamming the brakes which shivers the whole plane…..including the crews and passengers. Night flight…..you decide.

And while still at the runway….can the authorities please paint the perimeter fence posts white ….in all the airports.

You cutting the grass alright….please collect it. Gives a bad look when it dries.

First impression is very important to all those that come and go.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj



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