Letters To The Editor, 25th December 2018

Dr Jiko Luveni Richard Singh, Sacramento, California, USA I am filled with profound sadness by the untimely demise of Dr Jiko Luveni. Dr Luveni and I graduated together from the
25 Dec 2018 11:58
Letters To The Editor, 25th December 2018
The late Speaker of Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni.

Dr Jiko Luveni

Richard Singh,

Sacramento, California, USA

I am filled with profound sadness by the untimely demise of Dr Jiko Luveni.

Dr Luveni and I graduated together from the dental school at the then Fiji School of Medicine. In my several years of association with her, I found her to be a gentle, kind, compassionate, soft spo­ken and caring person.

Unlike many politicians who delight in practising the politics of confrontation to advance their narrow and wretched polit­ical agenda of racial division, Dr Luveni embraced the politics of reconciliation as her guiding principle.

The passing of every good person di­minishes all of us and the passing of Dr Luveni certainly has diminished us all.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to Dr Luveni’s family, to the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, and to the people of my beloved Fiji for their loss.

Farewell, Madam Speaker

Taitusi Sokiveta

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

With great sadness and sincere condo­lences on the passing of Madam Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni.

I am so grateful to her personally for the renewal of my Fijian passport and my new Fijian birth certificate. If it wasn’t for her, neither would have been possible in 2017. There is so much gratitude from my heart to you Madam Speaker Dr Lu­veni.

Many on social media said negative things about her. One even mentioned that she was worthless. None of these people dealt with her like I did, witness her in action.

When my Fijian passport application got lost inside Fiji Immigration, she ne­gotiated with Mr Yogendra Kumar, the assistant supervisor. She was brilliant. Short sentences, but right to the point and she did the same thing with the Fiji Registrar General on my birth certificate.

I have both of her negotiations on my email.

Also to graduate from any school of medicine and work in her field, it’s not a cake walk. It takes years of study and you must be thorough, with no mistakes – a perfectionist – to be a doctor in any field.

I worked 15 years in medical surgery. Everyone must know their jobs perfectly and always study new medical proce­dures.

Madam speaker Dr Jiko Luveni, you will be dearly missed. God bless your soul and may you rest in peace.

With all our warmest love to you, al­ways, from my sister on Bau Island, Ane Sokiveta and myself.

Moce eternally.

Thank you.

A-G’s kept promise

Dorothy Chandra Lautoka

Such a joyous occasion to see the Ko­roipita community receive electricity for the first time.

I’m very, very happy to see that the At­torney-General made good on his prom­ise that they would receive electricity before Christmas and he made it happen.

Thank you, Sir.

Christmas and Politics

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Jesus Christ was not born on Decem­ber 25, but we Christians use this date to remember the day the Creator of man­kind, over 2000 years ago became a hu­man being to save mankind, the seed of the woman as promised in the first Gos­pel announcement, when Adam and Eve chose to sin and disobey God (Gen.3:15).

We may currently be under a secular run Government, but since most of us are Christians, let us use the meaning of Christmas to really contemplate what this important day is about and ask for divine power to transform our lives into the likeness of Christ’s character.

In a nutshell, mankind lost his/her orig­inal character in the image of God when they chose to sin and we lost our eternal life and have to contend with a fallen sin­ful nature subject to sickness and death. Plus, humanity was cast out of the Gar­den of Eden and the only way back is the heavenly provision as mentioned above.

Religion will not save us, Church does not save nor does the keeping of the 10 Commandments. Only Jesus Christ can save lost humanity when accepted and believed by faith to become one’s Lord and Saviour and be transformed in char­acter like His character and be empow­ered to live holy lives by the Holy Spirit, until His second coming when these mor­tal bodies put on immortality!

It is really sad to say that lately Fijians, most of whom are Christians have been spewing all sorts of venom against the current FijiFirst Government and the Supervisor of Elections, which began before the 2018 General Election and con­tinued in the past two weeks during the Opposition Election Petition.

As Christians, we all prayed for God’s will to be done and the will of the people chose the ruling FijiFirst Party.

Somehow, the Opposition forgot about their prayer and lied to the people in giv­ing them false hope of another election because this current one was rigged.

What has happened now after all the verbal poison spewed on social media and written in the Books of Record in heaven?

Politics is all about manipulating peo­ple to gain power and control over people through all possible means, but let us all learn and take on the truth about Jesus Christ and His birth.

The Creator of the world and human­ity, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords was born among animals in a manger be­cause the Inn was full. I guess this makes Him the most accessible to all humanity.

In His life, He followed the leader/serv­ant leadership model as even though He was a leader, He still could pick up a ba­sin of water and do a servant’s duty, that of washing the feet of all His disciples and wiping it with a towel.

He was born to die for the salvation of humanity and one unmistaken proof that we have a saving relationship with Him is the transformation of our charac­ter to reveal His love and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us.

Government and Opposition and all Fi­jians, may this Christmas and the person of Jesus Christ be renewed in the life, transforming it and blessing Fiji as we continue to soar into greater heights for the next four years.

A blessed Christmas to all!

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