Business Executives Talk About 2019 Plans

Bula 2019 !! As we all know 2018 was one of those years that brought out the best in people in business and other relevant stake­holders.We are all looking forward
01 Jan 2019 11:00
Business Executives Talk About 2019 Plans
South Pacific Stock Exchange chief executive officer Krishika Narayan, Chief executive officer of Thunderstruck Resources, Bryce Bradley

Bula 2019 !!

As we all know 2018 was one of those years that brought out the best in people in business and other relevant stake­holders.We are all looking forward to another year of progress.

SunBiz interviewed some key business people who talked about their plans for this year and what they had achieved the last 12 months.

One such company is a Ca­nadian mining exploration company, Thunderstruck Resources.

Its chief executive of­ficer Bryce Bradley leads a team prospecting for vol­canogenic massive sulfide (VMS) and precious metals.

The company provides in­vestors with exposure to a diverse portfolio of assets, potentially rich in zinc, copper, silver and gold in a relatively safe and stable jurisdiction.

It includes their main as­sets; the Nakoro and Wain­aleka zinc-copper (VMS) projects.

Both flagship projects are the site of successful his­torical drilling by Anglo American Ltd. (Anglo).

SunBiz also interviewed the South Pacific Stock Exchange chief executive officer, Krishika Narayan, ANZ Bank, Country Head Fiji and Head of Commer­cial, Pacific, Saud Minam and Fijian Holdings Limit­ed group chief executive of­ficer Nouzab Fareed about their accomplishments last year and future plans.

Below are excerpts of the interview:

South Pacific Stock Exchange

1.Can you give us an update on SPSE?

SPSE’s market capitalisa­tion hit the $3b mark on 19th December 2018 follow­ing an additional quota­tion of 20m shares by Fi­jian Holdings Limited. The market capitalisation as at close of trading session today, 31st December 2018 stood at $3.07b.

The year 2018 has gener­ally been transformation­al for SPSE and its fully owned subsidiary, Central Share Registry Limited (CSRL).

It was marked by yet an­other year of increased to­tal market returns backed by greater participation and positive investor senti­ments, new listing, historic announcement of SPSE as the host sponsor for the World Exchange Congress to be held in Fiji in May 2020, regulatory improve­ments to enhance ease of doing business and nota­ble addition to CSRL’s cli­ent database including the signup of Energy Fiji Lim­ited (EFL).

2.What were some of your accomplishments over the past 12 months?

*SPSE Annual Awards

*National Essay Competi­tion

*Signing up for registry and trustee services for En­ergy Fiji Limited

*Securing hosting rights for the World Exchange Congress to be held in Fiji in May 2020

3.How many companies list­ed with SPSE?

Kontiki Finance Limited listed representing the fi­nance sector.

A total of 20 companies are now listed on SPSE rep­resenting 10 sectors.

4.What areas would SPSE work on t?

SPSE would be vigor­ously pursuing its investor awareness activities.

Additionally, more work will be put in to increase the number of companies listed on SPSE as well the range of products listed.

5.What do you hope for the future?

It has been a tremendous year for SPSE, the stock market and the capital mar­kets as a whole. We hope to continue this momentum with the same zeal in the coming year!

7.What is your New Year resolution?

A quote that I picked up from my readings – Be structured enough for suc­cess and achievement and flexible enough for creativ­ity and fun.

  1. What is your message to businesses and the general public?

On behalf of the board and management of the South Pacific Stock Ex­change, I would like to wish everyone a successful 2019!

Thunderstruck Resources

1.Can you give us an update on Thunderstruck Resourc­es?

As you know, we have four mining exploration as­sets in Viti Levu with high grade zinc, copper and gold mineralisation.

The exploration season mirrors the dry season, from approximately April-November.

Throughout 2018 we have been doing surface explora­tion work on our gold asset, Liwa, and our copper/gold asset, Rama.

We hope to conduct a drill­ing programme on one or both of these assets in 2019.

I spent a lot of time in country in 2018 meeting the landowners to assure them of our good intentions and willingness to work togeth­er for mutual benefit.

I expect to visit Suva soon after the exploration sea­son begins in April/May.

2.What activities were Thun­derstruck Resource in­volved in recently?

Despite the fact that the rainy season has started, we were able to squeeze in one more ground geophysi­cal programme on our copper/gold asset (Rama Creek) that ran until De­cember 24.

Immediately after the New Year holiday, we will be sending in a crew to do a ground geophysical pro­gramme on our high grade gold asset, Liwa Creek. This exploration program is designed to delineate drill targets in a very cost effective way.

3.What were some of your accomplishments over the past 12 months?

2018 was the first year where Thunderstruck had all of it’s assets permitted and paid for, so 2018 was very exciting for us.

We focused on prelimi­nary reconnaissance work on the ground, strengthen­ing government relations as well as landowner re­lations, and building our team.

We end the year having ac­complished all of this. We now have landowner agree­ments in place on our en­tire land package of 178 square km, have improved road access to many of the properties, and continue to assemble and grow our loyal and competent team of locally sourced explora­tion crew.

The Government is very supportive and mining-friendly.

It understands that Thun­derstruck is here for the long-term and has full in­tentions to be respectful of local laws, customs and tra­dition, with the hope that our joint efforts will bring prosperity to all involved.

  1. What areas would Thun­derstruck Resources work on to improve its business?

We continue to seek joint venture partners to finance exploration on our assets, and are in advanced discus­sions with one group.

Additionally, Thunder­struck has begun to travel the globe to give speeches and conduct interviews telling the world of Fiji’s vast mineral potential, and to invite them to invest in the country.

With more exposure, Thunderstruck will edu­cate large investors about the profits to be made on this paradise island, and significant investment will allow us to advance the mineral properties more quickly to a mine-able stage.

  1. What do you hope for the future?

We hope to work as a team with landowners and Gov­ernment to efficiently and ethically develop our zinc, copper and gold assets into mine-able resources.

We hope to find one or more mines in this beauti­ful, mineral-rich country, ensuring sustainable em­ployment and economic improvements across the island.

6.What is your New Year resolution?

My personal New Year’s resolutions include:

1) improving communica­tions with both family and business colleagues,

2) learning the Fijian cul­ture

3) continuing to build and strengthen relationships in-country

4)introducing global in­vestors to Fiji’s mineral potential and it’s mining friendly atmosphere.

5)involving my 10-year-old daughter in my life as an explorer, teaching her the joys and benefits of hard work.

6) staying positive and happy, even in the face of difficulties and tough chal­lenges.

executive talk: Saud Minam

1.What were some of your accomplishments over the past 12 months?

n After celebrating 138 years in Fiji we are very proud of how our people are focused on helping our customers and our community thrive.

n As a leading digital Bank we are proud of how we have digitally penetrated the market with our ANZ Pacific App and the Transac­tive platform.

The ANZ Pacific App is second to none in the market and has great functionali­ties. Customers can meet all their bank­ing needs via the App like paying lo­cal bills and suppliers with ANZ and through any other bank and customers can also make international pay­ments within the Reserve Bank of Fiji approved lim­its. Customers can even look at the online activity history and change pass­word as required.

n In the community front we continue to carry our flagship Money Minded Program more than 3000 community members, with greater emphasis on Women adding up to 2/3rd.

Our people through the ANZ Fiji Foundation have given back more than 4000 volunteer hours back into the community.

n We are also proud that ANZ was the first bank to take away the EFTPOS charges from December 1 and the other that we rolled out some time ago was the reduction of the ATM in­terchange fee from $1.50 to $0.50 and we are again proud that we are the only Bank offering this reduced fee for other Bank customers using cards on ANZ ATM.

2.How was business last year?

Business was good and delivered a quality sustainable performance. In regards to our financial performance the Key Disclosure Statement will be published by January end which will provide a detailed view on the 2018 performance.

We would like to thank our staff and our valued customers for the trust in ANZ and helping us drive our purpose.

3.How many new projects were rolled out this year?

We have various projects running concur­rently this year.

We have renovated three of our branches (Lautoka, Nausori and the relocated Lami branch) with a spending of F$8.0 million and in 2019 we have plans to work on 3 other branches.

As stated above in our efforts to continue to provide our customers with better bank­ing experience we significantly invested in the ANZ Pacific App and with this App customers can do banking at their conveni­ence.

While we continue to invest in our branch­es and digital offering we have our Mortgage Specialists who can come and visit you helping our custom­ers fulfilling their dreams of own­ing a home.

4.What areas in your business work will you strengthen moving forward and why?

Our business is strong and we will continue to do things differently and innovatively to provide better service to our customers and mak­ing sure our product of­ferings are simple and easy to understand.

At the same time we will set higher goals to reach out into our com­munities through the ANZ Fiji Foundation.

5.Tell us a bit about your future plans?

With strong economic GDP growth of last 9 years we are confident that busi­ness will continue to move in right direction for our cus­tomers, staff and share­holders.

Future is largely about driving the digital agenda and making banking easy and convenient for both our customers and our people.

we would like to urge our customers to adopt the new and digital ways to Bank.

7.What is your New Year’s resolution?

Maintain consistency in changing custom­er experience through our CORE values of ANZ which is ICARE (Integrity, Collabo­ration, Accountability, Respect and Excel­lence)

8.What is your message to businesses and the general public?

We have been in Fiji for 138 years and as the largest Bank we are committed to live our purpose and help our people, our cus­tomers and our communities thrive.

executive talk: Nouzab Fareed

1.What were some of your accomplishments over the past 12 months?

Commencement of FHL Tower, Ap­pointment of two female direc­tors of FHL board confirma­tion of female chief executive officer’s to MF, FTV and FHL Properties Ltd Listing of B Class shares and adoption of new articles combining A and B Class Turnaround of Merchant Finance Share price reaching all time high of $ 8.00 Ac­ceptance of our bid for Government Printer

  1. How was busi­ness last year?

Very good despite an election year building and con­struction sector to­gether with Tourism and Finance did ex­tremely well

3.How many new pro­jects were rolled out this year?

Commenced three pro­jects – Tower / Lautoka Hotel / Goverment Print­ing.

Initiated another three pro­jects

4.What areas in your business work will you strengthen moving forward and why?

Stakeholder relationship Hiring more young professionals Improved gender di­versity Focus on sustainability

5.Tell us a bit about your future plans?

2019 going to exciting with new share price At least two big projects to bring to FHL balance sheet

  1. What do you hope for the future?

Hope for the best and try the best

  1. What is your New Year’s resolution?

Work hard and make profit with a purpose Not to ig­nore sustainability

8.What is your mes­sage to your staff and the general public?

Enjoy hard and work harder Don’t forget to make yourself happy and life is


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