The Eagle That Finally Flew!

You have such large wings and for that, I am completely in awe of you Mr Eagle. If I had wings like yours, I would have taken flights into the
05 Jan 2019 11:00
The Eagle That Finally Flew!
Mayur Kalbag

You have such large wings and for that, I am completely in awe of you Mr Eagle.

If I had wings like yours, I would have taken flights into the higher and more serene skies.

Unfortunately for me, with my small sized wings, I can’t reach where you can.

Having said all this what surpris­es me is your reluctance to take the flight.

You have been perched in your nest for a very long time and all that you have done is hopped on some of the branches of this tree. Both of us have been staying on the same tree but on different branch­es and have grown up together and through all this time I have never seen you fly even once.

I want to know the reason why you aren’t flying?” the humming­bird said to the eagle in a con­cerned tone.


The eagle was in silent for a few seconds and then replied.

“Dear humming bird, to be hon­est, I am not sure what will happen if I were to leap out of the nest to fly into the skies.

“I am scared I might fall and get hurt or even die.

“I have seen some of my friends get injured in the process of flying and I surely am not going to take that risk

“But my friend, can I ask you something.

These friends that you saw get­ting injured, where are they now? Are they dead, or are they stuck in their nests?” The humming bird asked the eagle in a firm voice. The eagle was taken aback by the ques­tion.

“I really have no clue where they are” he answered.

“Well, you don’t know because you have never ventured outside your nest!

Dear eagle, I must tell you that these friends who fell from their nests and got hurt while trying to fly out can be seen smoothly flying through the high skies every day just before sunset.

You may be feeling very comfort­able and cozy cuddled in your nest but your friends are happily roam­ing the skies and experiencing heightened joy and excitement” the humming bird explained to the eagle.

“But, I don’t want to get hurt dear humming bird.

I am happy and safe in this nest” “Really” the humming bird ex­claimed in anguish.

“Are you really happy to be stuck in this nest for the rest of your life just because you are scared of ‘fall­ing’?

Remember, we birds have been blessed with wings and this means that we have the ability to fly far and high.

My wings may be tiny but that hasn’t stopped me from flying and enjoying every moment of it.

I too have fallen to the ground a few times in the past but only to stand up and try once again to fly. As they say, try and try till you suc­ceed and that’s exactly what most of us did!

Powerful wings

You have such powerful wings but the thing that deeply disappoints me is to see you not using them.

What is it that is stopping you? Is it the fear of falling while try­ing to fly or the fear of facing your friends who might make fun of you if you fail to fly?

The more you wait in fear the more you will be stuck at the same place.

Later in life you will repent and feel depressed about not even mak­ing the effort.

My friend, I remember my father telling me, especially after I had a bad fall, that there is no gain with­out pain.

I had to endure excruciating pain after almost every fall.

I would even cry at night but the determination to fly was stronger than the pain. You need to do the same dear eagle.

Start focusing your mind on the

joy of flying and not the fear of falling!

I am your friend and also a well-wisher and I want to encourage you to take the leap right now.

Take the leap

As they say, ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ and hence take a deep breath and take the leap”

The humming bird’s words of encouragement seemed to have an impact upon the eagle.

He nodded his head as if to say yes and then began flapping his wings.

He stood on the edge of the nest and then leaped out to fly.

Unfortunately, within just a few seconds he lost his balance and fell to the floor.

The humming bird flew swiftly to­wards the eagle. “Are you hurt dear eagle” he asked.

“A bit, but I want to try again and this time I will continue to flap my wings even though I may lose my balance” saying this the eagle hopped back to his nest and again took position.

He then looked up towards the skies and smiled.

“I can and I will” the eagle af­firmed to himself and took the leap.

This time he kept flapping his huge wings vehemently and in just a few seconds the eagle was fly­ing higher and higher towards the beautiful blue serene skies.

He kept thinking about flying and not falling to the ground.

In a few moments the eagle was in the high skies flying along with the other eagles.

As he looked down he saw the lit­tle humming bird smiling with joy and rightly so.

His close friend, the eagle, was finally out of his nest and in the place where he truly belonged, the blue skies.

Well! To all those eagles, waiting in their nests, the time has come to take the leap by believing in your strengths and positive quali­ties just as the eagle finally began believing in the strength of his wings.

The eagle finally flew!


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