Letters To The Editor: 06th January, 2019

Peter Dutton Jan Nissar, Carlton, NSW, Australia In respect of the citizenship of terrorist Neil Prakash, Australia’s Minister of Home Affairs is playing a political game at the expense of
06 Jan 2019 13:08
Letters To The Editor: 06th January, 2019

Peter Dutton

Jan Nissar, Carlton, NSW, Australia

In respect of the citizenship of terrorist Neil Prakash, Australia’s Minister of Home Affairs is playing a political game at the expense of Fiji.

You see, this minister failed in his ambition to become Prime Minister of Australia.

This man is hugely unpopular and has done untold damage to the government of which he is a minister.

He will most likely lose his marginal seat at the next general election due in May 2019. His actions regarding terrorists and immigration is just an attempt to put up a façade to win back some votes.

Anything to do with anti-immigration and falsehoods about terrorists wins votes.

That is the case everywhere, even in Fiji.

President Trump is using this effectively in the USA as well. Everyone knows that terrorist Neil Prakash has nothing to do with Fiji.

This minister will be taken care of at the next general election in Australia.

So, Fiji should just ignore him. Australians will sort him out. Australians do not put up with this.

Sponsor night out

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

A close relative all the way from Perth brought her grandson and granddaughter home for the first time.

While the kids thoroughly enjoyed their stay, my cousin was rather alarmed at the way in which our youth organised and planned their Christmas and New Year’s nights out.

In the midst of foul weather, with no money and all dressed to kill, they were ready to go out and celebrate. This cousin of mine, who is very mature and meticulous, questioned the youngsters as to why they were going out when they had no money.

To her dismay, the youngsters, in a polite and gracious manner, asked, “How about you just sponsor us for the night?”

Her nieces sure received an ear bashing!

They were told that their aunt had never heard of anybody sponsoring youngsters to go out to drink alcohol and go dancing, and that the only sponsorship she knew of was that of walkathons, picking up rubbish, and the like, where the proceeds would go to something worthwhile!

The youngsters were out of there in a flash and still managed to go out, get drunk, and return home the next morning totally wasted.

So much for sponsorship!

Anne Dunn’s Critics

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Great achievement and Congrats Ms Dunn on your appointment as the first woman Commissioner in our history for the first time established Fijis Online Safety Commission since it was passed in Parliament on August 2017.

Gender equality lives on, but your first priority must be your compliance to the terms and conditions of your appointment and not bother about the comments from all those failed old politicians from the FLP and NFP, but get on with the job and prove your critics wrong Lewa.

You are young, motivated, smart and your qualification as a Commissioner for Oaths, Solicitor and Barrister suites exactly the components of that very important office so get in there girl and deliver the services desired of you at the expected standards of excellence to the Fijian Public irrespective.

All Commissioners are political appointees and yours is merited but does not require the scrutiny nor is approval of the oppositions where it is a great opportunity for the young female leader to grow her profile and status.

All the best to the women’s right’s movement’s, but at the same time I find it hard to comprehend why very little women are not writing in to register their disgust at the criticism leveled at her from these elderly bullies of society or show support to Anne Dunn’s appointment.

Mahendra Chaudhry did exactly the same when he appointed his own son Junior Chaudhry to be his Chief Watchdog in the PMs Office after they won election in 1999 and neither did he advertised the position, was that not nepotism on his part as Prime Minister of Fiji then.

Oops, please be ready Commissioner Dunn, Chaudhry and Biman could be your first customer to lodge their many complaints against online keyboard cowards on social media sites and I am also sure Lenora Qereqeretabua from the NFP camp will disagree with the nonsense put up by the NFP leader against a well-qualified woman of Anne Dunn’s status.

The FLP and Chaudhry have lost three consecutive National Elections and are no longer relevant to our country’s development and its politics, Power to you Commissioner Dunn!

Scandal and US Catholics

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I fully agree with the Pope saying the credibility of the Catholic Church in the US has been severely damaged by ongoing child sexual abuse scandal (FS 5/1; BBC).

This is like a cockroach damaging good oil if such rogues are allowed in the church.

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