Lynda An Immediate Enemy With Her Dressed To Kill Technique: Bulitavu

A new row has broken out in SODELPA over the ireguregu for the late Speaker, Dr Jiko Luveni. A desperate attempt was being made yesterday to call a meeting today
07 Jan 2019 12:36
Lynda An Immediate Enemy With Her Dressed To Kill Technique: Bulitavu
Opposition Whip Lynda Tabuya and SODELPA MP Mosese Bulitavu.

A new row has broken out in SODELPA over the ireguregu for the late Speaker, Dr Jiko Luveni.

A desperate attempt was being made yesterday to call a meeting today in the Opposition Office to resolve the problem.

Heated exchanges erupted between Opposition Whip Lynda Tabuya and colleague Mosese Bulitavu over the ireguregu for the late Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni.

Opposition leader Sitiveni Rabuka had tried to diffuse the tension but emotions were still running high yesterday.

Mr Bulitavu was offended when Ms Tabuya questioned his authority when he sent an email to the 21 party MPs about the ireguregu.

In his email response, he also criticised her for allegedly breaching party rules by making her own media releases without getting the approval of caucus.

Mr Bulitavu told her that her dress standard at the ceremonial opening of Parliament had sent shock waves to the party stalwarts who guarded our “itovo and vakarau” or culture and traditions. He also criticized her maiden speech.

“Some of us understood the age you represent but the threat we face was your revolutionary ideas that aims to neutralise the core principles on which SODELPA was created for protecting and advancing the interest and aspirations of the iTaukei people.

“You became an immediate enemy given your daring methods (dressed to kill technique) but the way to advance your issue with the right methods is available with the party manifesto standpoint to shoot from a database system will further enhance. That is why we need a database with proper SODELPA supervised by an experienced individual to prevent overstepping and also set the benchmark for MPs.

“You were a product of that and the MOU between SODELPA and PDP was based on that.

“Whatever the interest of PDP or your associated that you carry it must be dovetail to the messages of the SODELPA the ship that has taken you to parliament.

“You brought 8800 votes to the party which you may say were PDP votes or of those who supported your Japanese election strategy to champion an issue after riding on a wave created by others.

“The ATS saga was a good example where your right timing to be the voice became appealing and rode that wave. So as your $4 campaign, NCD campaign and your volleyball and rugby tournament. Your following comes from such waves with you as the voice but SODELPA is a Vanua-based party with protocols and structure. As a modern woman like how you were dressed during our taking of the oath it sent shock waves to party stalwarts who guarded our itovo and ivakarau.”

Mr Bulitavu said yesterday; “No comment.”

He added that there were no hard feelings and no division between him and Ms Tabuya.

With regards to the manner in which Mr Bulitavu brought up his allegations, Ms Tabuya said:

“Any Member of Parliament that makes any allegations against another MP should follow the proper grievance procedures and that is to address the grievance directly with the MP concerned or write directly to Leader of Opposition without involving all other members of caucus and party officials,” she said.

“It is the proper thing to do to adhere to the principles of natural justice by affording a person the right to be heard and to respond to the allegations.

“I am deeply concerned with the manner in which Hon Bulitavu raised them with me. As the whip, if someone did the same thing to Hon Bulitavu, I would give the same direction to follow proper grievance procedures as it is fair and just that a person be given the opportunity to be heard.”

She also added that the best indicator of success was results, and achieving the second highest number of votes in the party and fifth highest in the country was a result that speaks for itself.

“I will continue to focus on increasing the minimum wage, fighting for affordable housing, and working with government where possible to tackle issues with real results. We need to focus less on fighting each other and more on fighting the issues that affect our people on a daily basis to lift them out of poverty.”

Mr Rabuka said no official directive came from him in relation to the ireguregu for the late Speaker.

“I did not issue an official directive to Hon Members because we were not required by parliament to go or be part of a ireguregu group.

“Our was our initiative based on our own culture vakaitaukei and veiwekani.

“I made it clear in one earlier email to Hon Kuridrani and one to Hon Aseri Radrodro that nothing was obligatory, as I understood we had retreated to our own home villages and rural communities for the Christmas and New Year season.”

Edited by Percy Kean


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