Letters To The Editor: 09th January, 2019

Tradition or Women’s Right Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi There is a widespread protest against women in the State of Kerala in New Delhi as Hindu male hardliners protest to shut down
09 Jan 2019 11:51
Letters To The Editor: 09th January, 2019

Tradition or Women’s Right

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi
There is a widespread protest against women in the State of Kerala in New Delhi as Hindu male hardliners protest to shut down the Sabarimala Temple which is one of India’s largest pilgrimage sites.

This is in their desire to ban women from entering the temple following their old traditional practice after which three women managed to force their way in for prayers undetected.

Power of women I guess.

The best way forward recommended will be for these millions of Indian women to ban all their husband’s and son’s from all their homes for as long as it takes until a truce is reached for them to be allowed in.

It will work wonders although there will be some hardships.

Solidarity is the word to achieve gender equality and respect.

Credible and responsible reporting from the Fiji Sun on the feud at the SODELPA camp is nothing new.

The leadership is very weak where there is a lack of cohesion and respect within.

The outburst and attack by the maverick Mosese Bulitavu against his own MP Lynda Tabuya opposition whip has attracted some attention.

Maybe Bulitavu does not like the political greenhorn of Lynda Tabuya ascending to the position ahead of him in terms of his parliamentary political standing and maturity from the past four years.

Or indirectly he does not like it because it is nepotism and cronyism on Sitiveni Rabuka’s part Lynda being his niece and right hand woman. What a coincidence that is.

There are thousands of women government critics, but I am appalled at the many women’s organisations inability to stand up to the Bulitavu nonsense and denounce it in the strongest possible manner for speaking out against the dress codes of their Opposition Whip in Parliament in her first week.

Parliament is also a house where you can be a model to show off your modern or traditional attire.

Wearing a sari, turban or a tawala and gafigafi can be the norm.

This bloke Bulitavu sounds like a control freak

I sincerely hope he can walk his talk and apply the same teachings and beliefs to his family first.

It’s a free world.
But I would therefore like to recommend to MP Mosese Bulitavu, Sitiveni Rabuka, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, Viliame Gavoka and Niko Nawaikula to start setting examples by wearing their own official iTaukei attires.

Similar to what our forefathers wore some 300 years ago to their vanua meetings at the Rara Green or Bose Vanua like the Sulu Masi kuvui and bare chested and barefoot, traditional headdress, shell and chest necklaces, a war club each with the male body laced with the divine fragrance of sandalwood oil in protecting the dress to kill technique mode as referred to by Bulitavu.

Failed SODELPA Lakeba politician Semesa Karavaki would look well in one of those.

What a domineering sight that would be as the world watches in awe where it will be a first for our parliament or anywhere in the world for that matter in protecting our true indigenous iTaukei values, traditions, customs and culture.

The Opposition members must practice it.

The sulu vakataga, shirts, neckties, a fancy watch and blazers are copied norms or borrowed culture from the society introduced by our former Colonial Government. So walk what you preach please Rambo.

Tourism Fiji could use that as an intellectual property right internationally to promote our very own uniqueness.

It will certainly result in an overwhelming mass increase of our tourist numbers who would love to visit our very own Fijian Parliament when in Fiji.

Parliamentary tours with a fee to add value, it will be a tourism grand slam indeed for the country.

This will only apply to tourists minus Fijians.

And one will only have to multiply a million tourist visitors yearly by $20 per person entrance fee to Parliament which will equate to an extra $20 million per annum directly into our GDP and economy.

But to be administered and managed by the secretary to Parliament and her team on behalf of government.

This can be utilised to improve and maintain our parliament complex together with other amenities to facilitate tourism parliamentary visits for the many years to come.


Bid for young leaders

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu
Great announcement by the Local Government Minister Premila Kumar to have young and progressive people for the municipal council chief executive officer position.

And these applicants should be in touch with the latest advancement in information and communication technologies.

And administrators should not be in their position for so long and to last on two or three years basis.

Our towns and cities are in need for major changes, improved pathways, more bins, cleaner roads, cleaner markets and bus stations, better parking and improve on the eateries hygiene.

As the minister has mentioned that everything is outdated because we have people that are still thinking of doing things the old fashioned way.

And these lead to the frustration of ratepayers.

Former Minister Bala should have known better being a former mayor himself, but was on the old ways of operating himself.

Vinaka Premila Kumar for your vision. This has been lacking for a long time.


Sacrificing a cuppa

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva
Many people are more concerned with

outward appearances than with what is on the inside. While appearances do matter, they are far less important than our character. No matter how successfully we may conceal what is within our hearts truth is always revealed.

And no matter how often we wash and scrub or even steam clean the part that people see, if we are dirty on the inside, the best that we can accomplish is to be sparkling bright tombs.

A good indication is in times of disaster, where are all the politicians who were campaigning before the election and those who were fortunate enough to get parliamentary seats? They seem to have vanished. Where are all the promises? Does it mean that you only assist if you are in government?

It’s time to dig deep in your pockets. Sacrificing a cup of coffee in the expensive coffee shops can certainly buy a packet of milk. The greatest sacrifice is when you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone.


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