Letters To The Editor, Monday January 1, 2019

Unrepresentative opposition Jan Nissar, Carlton, Nsw 2218 The Leader of the Opposition says his is a multiracial party. This could not be further from the truth. If he wants to
14 Jan 2019 10:42
Letters To The Editor, Monday January 1, 2019

Unrepresentative opposition
Jan Nissar, Carlton, Nsw 2218

The Leader of the Opposition says his is a multiracial party.

This could not be further from the truth.
If he wants to see a multiracial party all he must do is look across the chamber in front of him next time he sits in Parliament.
When he turns around and looks at his benches, what does he see?
A truly unrepresentative party.
How can he have a multiracial party when his policies are racially discriminatory. Facts do not lie.
Stop being in denial and get the basics right.
The reality is right there for all to see.

Multiracial party
Dharmend Kumar, Suva

Rabuka says SODELPA is a multiracial political party and has its own institutional and structural mechanisms to resolve any differences between its members.
To me this is hypocrisy.
A multiracial party does not have race-based policies.
As a Fijian of Indian descent, I urge SODELPA to stop these lies.
Bring together the finest scholars to explore how racial policies impact the growing population of multiracial Fiji
I got used to being asked, “what are you?”
My answer eventually became a human being created by God.
If you are indeed a multiracial party, I want to see some fruits.
I want to see you care about us and fight for our rights too, only then I will start to believe you.
When we put our differences aside and we come together as the human race created by God, we all win and the nation of Fiji wins.
My dream for Fiji is for all hearts to beat as one.
We desperately need to unite and the onus is with the leaders.

US-Mexico wall
Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The US Congress should enhance border security and promote citizens security by building a border wall (FS 13/1; Al Jazeera). You’ve got to stop bad hombres from entering.
Police response
Dr. Joel Trazo, Nakasi
Despite of the acquisition of Police vehicles, the public still receive police responses such as, “There is no police car right now, sorry we can’t come”.
Mobility is needed especially in combating criminality.
To improve police mobility, I’m suggesting using an “eBike”.
It can climb hills and travels 40 to 60 miles per hour.
It is powered by a chargeable battery and motor and it’s easy to maintain.

Dux Ranjeet Singh
Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Rajneet Chand, first and foremost, thanked his parents for his achievement in scooping the Dux Award of Nasavusavu Secondary School.
He also thanked his teachers for believing that he could achieve greater success (FS:13/01).
The son of a carpenter and a cook had the support and respect of his parents and his teachers and that was all he needed to focus on his studies to achieve his first goal of receiving a Toppers scholarship.
Kudos to Rajneet’s parents, Ramesh and Hemlata Chand, and to his teachers for their efforts and keeping true to their duty of assisting Rajneet through it all.
Here is a great example where parents, teachers, and most importantly, the student, finds success, simply because they all had the right attitude.
Parents and students alike must take heed of the Chand family’s achievement and understand that without sacrifice there will be no success!

7s champion
Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Tabadamu sevens team once again proved themselves in their own tournament after beating Police in the final.
Tabadamu were the best in 2018 and are again starting to dominate 7s rugby in the country.
Congratulations Tabadamu.

Enabling education
Pranil Ram, Votualevu, Nadi

The 2019 education year is set to start.
With Government doing its utmost to see that no child is left behind in accessing education there still remain some challenges.
The child’s right to education is very well enshrined in the Fijian constitution and the Government is deeply committed in seeing that this is realised.
Government, through many policies, has targeted educational reforms so that we remain in par with other developed countries in improving quality education.
Sceptics may argue that some policies may have not been that successful, however, overall our education system has progressed a lot.
Although increased enrolment rate and more students attending tertiary institutions are not the only indicators of educational success, but this at least points out that we are heading in the right direction.
Major progress has been made towards improving gender parity index, technical and vocational education and inclusive education.
One of the glaring things that really struck me was that Government through its National Development Plan has elucidated very eloquently of how they are going to achieve all this.
This is then successively aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.
In my view this is a very good thing.
Obtaining quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.
However, the biggest challenge for the Government remains to be how with the resources they have will allow them to push for new boundaries in promoting sustainable quality education which is going to take us until 2030.
I wish all the teachers and students the very best for the new academic year.

No Lights
Shariff Shah, Savusavu

There is a new trend now on our roads, especially in towns at night. Some motorists drive without lights.
Either the streets are well lit or the drivers are complete fools to think their vehicles consume more fuel if they keep their lights on.
Or is it so that they are practicing “earth hour”.
Turn your lights off and keep it cool. Smart, very smart indeed.

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