Letters To The Editor: 16th January, 2019

Faith-based teachers Simon Hazelman, Savusavu The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Fiji, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, has asked the Ministry of Education to reconsider having members of the
16 Jan 2019 15:30
Letters To The Editor: 16th January, 2019

Faith-based teachers

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu
The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Fiji, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, has asked the Ministry of Education to reconsider having members of the church to head its schools (FS 14/01).

The President of the Methodist Church in Fiji, Reverend Epineri Vakadewavosa, supports the request and stated that members of the faith must head their educational institutions because it was the only way to preserve and maintain the church’s teachings and ideologies.

Government’s position on the matter is that if churches want to choose their principals then they have to pay their salaries.

And rightly so, for many a good reason.

What I find confusing is that these two church denominations can hardly keep their flock from actually observing and following the teachings and commandments of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Today the majority of so called Christians are nothing more than luke-warmish followers, in it for everything but its true purpose. It is rare to meet a dedicated, true Christian who walks the words.

The heads of both these Christian churches ought to first get their house in order before trying to get involved in anything else.

If you can’t teach your adult congregation to follow Christian teachings and commandments, how on earth do you think you will be able to teach our youngsters?

Stick to the purpose of the church and nothing else!


Merit based

Kirti Patel, Mohan Singh Pl, Lautoka


The authorities have decided well on merit-based recruitment for the faith- based schools because the request comes for the principals of their own faith.

Of course, the schools have the option of going private.

The options are there and the taxpayers’ funds are being considered as well.

I don’t see much reason for it to be pushed further because most faith- based school enrol students of other faiths as well.

It is not fair to imply faith-based option at one place for one person and not considering other aspects.

Education is the main element and it not being harmed is the main thing.

Using Government funds on this might not be appropriate. When proper merit option is not used specially for higher authority promotions can create a lot of tensions.

While on that we need to minimise getting expatriates to work for our shores, unless it’s really urgent with no options.

Our people can be doing the same work and can be given the opportunity to work and get somewhere in life.

With all due respect, I don’t have any problem with expatriates and we do thank them for their work here, how- ever, our own people with skills, knowledge and interest should not be neglected. We might also save on some dollars.

Let’s hope some due consideration is given to this and things can unfold at its best.


Right Decisions

Siddharth J. Prasad, Namadi Heights
I found the article published on Sunday, January 13, under the Business section quite interesting and inspiring.

Sitiveni Nawaqa, a former national Under-20 rep and hotel worker, now a successful entrepreneur has proven that success can only be achieved by taking the right decisions at the right time. We have several options in life, the challenge is to make the right choices.

I would like to wish Sitiveni and his family even greater success and all the very best for 2019 and beyond.


Post Mortem

Jan Nissar, Carlton, NSW 2218

Would the Leader of the National Federation Party please advise the people of Fiji on whether he has joined SODELPA in Opposition or whether the three members of NFP are sitting on the cross benches.

Would the Leader of this party also

advise whether he was aware that there was no credible evidence before taking the petition on the election results to the Court of Disputed Returns?

Did he join SODELPA in this action just for the ride and out of spite or perhaps both?

Would the Leader also advise the people what his plans are for the future?

What did the postmortem after the election results show?


Aust PM Arrival

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi
The state visit by Australian PM Scott Morrison is probably for bilateral talks (FS 15/1; Stephen Driedzic; Foreign Affairs Reporter), but really for Chinese presence which they consider as communist threat to their ideologies.

The talks may also centre around the possibility of a penal colony to cater for people such as Neil Prakash.


Drop In Prices

Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu

When bus and taxi owners were demanding an increase in fares luckily there was not agreement reached.

Because they would not drop the fares if the fuels prices drop.


Stop Barking

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

It is indeed sad that some people who have criminal cases in Fiji have sought refuge in other countries.

If you are innocent why run away?

It takes courage to show up and show who you really are.

It’s hilarious to hear when some say I’m not running away rather I’m moving on. It is also sad that some rich ones are trying to justify their innocence by spreading propaganda.

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them and face the consequences.

Unfortunately, bitterness and resentment will only hurt one person and that’s you.

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