Letters To The Editor: 17th January, 2019

Archbishop and politics Jan Nissar, Carlton, NSW His Holiness the Archbishop of Fiji should give up hiding behind his cloth and join a political party. His comment, whether deliberately or
17 Jan 2019 10:00
Letters To The Editor: 17th January, 2019

Archbishop and politics

Jan Nissar, Carlton, NSW

His Holiness the Archbishop of Fiji should give up hiding behind his cloth and join a political party.

His comment, whether deliberately or inadvertently, about the level of poverty on the eve of the election was very reckless.

I am sure this cost FijiFirst a lot of votes.

Now his tirade about discriminatory policies in appointing principals to Catholic schools. We all are moving forward your Holiness.

The government has made it abundantly clear that its policies are based on equality for all, non-discriminatory and merit based.

I suggest that he should be concerned about principals of all schools.

Has that thought crossed his mind? That is what the FijiFirst government is doing, for all the people of Fiji not just one section of the community.

If he is concerned about one section of the community, he should join SODELPA because that is what its policies are or better still, form your own political party.

Like Tukai Lagonilakeba says, put your money where your mouth is.

Claims on schools

Father Kevin McGuire, Suva

The Fiji Sun (15th Jan, 2019) quoted Mr Ashwin Raj, described as Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission Director saying “Religious orientation is not under threat because this is protected by the Constitution”.

Then he is further quoted as saying “Faith is arbitrary and subjective in nature”, and the “inclusion of faith in the OMRS will only give credence to discrimination”.

“Will”? Check the record. Can I point out that Mr Raj’s position, is, to use his own words “arbitrary and subjective in nature” and “leads to discrimination on the grounds of religious intolerance”. By his office he is committed to defend freedom of religion.

Few people in this country would share his personal opinion.

The Minister of Education, Ms Rosy Akbar, is equally open to the charge of discrimination as envisaged by our Constitution.

The State does not own our children. Open Merit is Closed and Discriminatory if it rules out of consideration qualities that are clearly religious because they are religious.

Catholic parents want Catholic teachers and this is a prime qualification, though not the only one of course.

We had great hopes for Ms Akbar as a new minister that she would be capable of dealing with a new spirit in the Education Department that is foreign to our Fijian way of consultation and inclusiveness.

This new confrontational stance is not what people voted for and will lose her and the FijiFirst party the wide respect in which they have so far been held.

Faith-based principals

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

There is a much larger problem when considering faith-based principals for Catholic Church Schools, especially when it involves our children.

Child sexual abuse by Catholic priests has become a worldwide issue with significant numbers being reported in many countries. The numbers of court cases and lawsuits has increased worldwide.

These child sex abuse scandals keep piling up and it’s causing outrage all over the world, not just about the crimes, but also about the extent of the cover-ups by church officials.

It is so bad that the Vatican announced recently that Pope Frances has called for a summit of all Catholic bishops in February this year, with the subject of the meeting being “protection of minors”.

The abstinence of sex by Catholic priests is the problem here. God made women as a helper for men, but the Catholic religion expects Catholic priests to abstain from all sexual activity and devote themselves to God and the Church’s followers.

We should never mess with Gods works and plans, because when men do, such is the consequences!

Bus timetable

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

It was not in anyone’s mind till the newly appointed Land Transport Authority chief executive came.

Those who have been overseas have seen the timetables on bus stations and train stations, but had no idea of having them in place.

We are always asking the bus drivers at what time they would have to leave the station.

But with a timetable in place passengers would be there in good time and would not have to wait a long time in the bus.

These timetables will also play an important role on picking up from where passengers live.

Rather than someone keeping an eye on the bus you will have to keep your eyes on the time.

Having big billboards of the timetable at bus stations will really help the greater public movement.


Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Students will attend West Point military academy (FS 16/1) because of military background and so as Catholic education.

Archbishop Loy Chong will be glad to know this.

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