Letters To The Editor: 18th January, 2019

TEAM USA Floyd Robinson, Toorak Will Team USA win its first tournament in Hamilton next week? Only time will tell but, in the meantime, one can be certain that USA
18 Jan 2019 16:20
Letters To The Editor: 18th January, 2019


Floyd Robinson, Toorak

Will Team USA win its first tournament in Hamilton next week? Only time will tell but, in the meantime, one can be certain that USA is more than ever determined to nail a third final by winning.

Meanwhile, Team New Zealand will be out to prove a point in front of its home fans.

What about Fiji? Only time will tell but fans should not be over confident as the tournament has become so competitive and fluid that it’s almost unpredictable unlike in the old days.


Crossing Lights

Shariff Shah, Savusavu

I think it’s high time that the authorities concerned put up the above lights in Savusavu town.

People jump on the crossings from anywhere, everywhere, anytime and everytime.


Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

I salute Shratika Naidu of the Fiji Sun for the standard of coverage to our young and budding leaders of tomorrow.

Reading Deepshika’s experiences and her silent suffering (FS, 16/01) I am convinced that our children are real survivors.

They can survive the cruel world of technicalities and the harshness of policies.

Reading her story which is not a fiction I gather that there are many others like this genius girl who are suffering through many other natural or man made factors.

Such a person can be relied upon in times of difficulties as he or she has proven that come what may, he or she is ready to face it head on.

Be positive all the way and never abstain from hard work.

Those who follow their parents’ words of wisdom and those whose parents are with them throughout never fail to succeed.

The harshness of life is a learning experience in itself.

Never lose hope. God bless all our students.

Turn Private or Zip It

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi

No doubt the Methodist Church of Fiji and the Catholic Mission are the two single biggest christian denominations in the country apart from other faiths in proportion with our population.

They earn their $Millions every year from those very committed faithful followers and sincere members of their church through their yearly soli, fundraisings and tithings.

But, I see no reason why they cannot be easily successful in turning their own schools into private institutions.

It is about being decisive in talking the talk and being brave enough in walking the talk.

Before our visionary and brave governments inclusive and indiscriminate initiative of the Free Education Grant all Fijian parents in those faith-based schools were paying their own children’s school fees privately for donkeys years post-independence through the Ratu Mara, Alliance government, Sitiveni Rabuka’s SVT, Mahendra Chaudry’s FLP and subsequently the Laisenia Qarase’s SDL government until our FijiFirst government implemented Free Education.

So I see absolutely nothing wrong in turning private your educational institutions.

That way both the Archbishop and Methodist Church president can become CEO’s of their own educational institutions in totally alienating them from any government assistance where they can go further and terminate all union memberships of their teachers to avoid external influence from those of a different faith.

I am positive Dan Urai who is president of the FTUC with Felix Anthony its general secretary will conveniently convert to both the faiths for the sake of maintaining their union subs in protecting both their lavish lifestyles.

And including the Fiji and Fijian Teachers Union that will be severely affected from the move to privatise these schools where thousands of our school teachers will be privately employed.

That’s what I can rightly indirectly call Union busting by the two denominations but I would like to challenge both these religious heads to walk their faith or belief in showering the extra burdens on their followers by turning private or otherwise zip it quietly please and respect our government which is bigger than the both of your ill-conceived political jargons.

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong and Reverend Epineri Vakadewavosa both sound racists in their demand to government which is against the Faith and is not in the Spirit of our World Acclaimed 2013 Constitution.

If Sitiveni Rabuka from the SODELPA house had promised or lied to you both before our November Election, I am sorry it is a false promise and wrong.

I suggest they take their predicaments further and ban all Fijians with different faiths including students, staff and teachers from all their schools Fiji wide and test their faith through their talking the talk and walking their talk to prove their point and critics wrong.

That is brave leadership and not just lip service.

We have all bypassed our 2018 National Election and I would suggest they stop playing childish politics now and move on with nation building in a collaborative manner with government.

There are more important issues on the table and I would suggest they go and visit our prisons which is full with Fijians from all walks of life with different faiths and find solutions to why it is jam packed.

Or maybe our religious faith leaders are not doing their job I guess.

I am sure the former school teacher and now Minister for Education Rosy Akbar can make the schools a very happy place for teaching from this noble profession through her many years being employed as one.

Rosy would be well advised to utilise her Ministry of Education Policy advisory Unit to push forth our FijiFirst Government’s user friendly policies for the betterment of education.

Teachers are the cornerstone of our society including the determination of our desired progressive prosperous future but should not be used for a particular religion for their political rhetoric to gain mileage.

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