How To Become A Better Leader In 2019

  We have just entered a New Year and as each year starts it presents us with a host of opportunities to achieve new things, to make more of a
19 Jan 2019 10:00
How To Become A Better Leader In 2019


We have just entered a New Year and as each year starts it presents us with a host of opportunities

to achieve new things, to make more of a difference and generally to become better.

If you are a leader or if you have ambitions to become a leader then 2019 will be an exciting year.

Advances in leadership psychol­ogy means we have never had as much information on how to moti­vate people as we have today.

I would go as far as saying that in 2019 there’s no excuse for Leaders to have unmotivated teams any­more.

The information is out there you just need to make the effort to

become a better leader in 2019.

2019 is the time to evolve

Evolution is the key to a long and successful career.

The world is changing, the work­place ten years ago was very differ­ent to the workplace we have today and people’s expectations are very different as well.

How we interact and how we receive and share information has changed and will continue to change in 2019 and as a result lead­ers need to change as well.

If as a leader you are trying to motivate and inspire people today the same way you were doing even just a few years ago then you are not evolving and you are missing out on lost productivity and profit­ability.

If you are standing still then oth­er leaders will overtake you and you will find yourself moving fur­ther behind.

So you need to be prepared to evolve as a Leader.

Focus on workplace culture

Traditional leaders motivate peo­ple while modern leaders create an environment that allows people to motivate themselves.

You can spend time motivating an individual and that will make one individual more productive but if you can create a motivating environment then all staff become more productive.

If you want to become a better leader this year then you need to focus on your workplace culture.

By culture I mean the charac­ter and personality of your team which is the accumulation of its vision, it’s values, it’s behaviours, what and who is rewarded and why as well as what behaviours are punished.

If you are unsure of what your workplace culture is then ask yourself if your organisation was a person what type of person would they be? Young or old? Tra­ditional or

modern? What would their per­sonality be like and if your organi­sation was a person would it be the

kind of person you would want to spend time with.

For Leaders 2019 is all about fo­cussing on the workplace culture.

End the traditional performance review process

The traditional annual or six monthly performance reviews is when a Manager sits down with a team member and they discuss the team members performance over the previous period which results in a score have been a common part of a Managers life for a long­time now yet this practice is start­ing to be phased out.

I’m not aware of any report or re­liable study that demonstrates that

performance reviews increases productivity, in fact it often has the opposite effect.

Let me be clear when I say the traditional performance review process doesn’t work, staff don’t like attending them and managers don’t like doing them.

Companies like Netflix have stopped this practice and I antici­pate more and more companies will do likewise in 2019.

There’s a movement towards less hierarchical structures and be­coming more agile with the large amounts of time that used to be spent on performance reviews is now spent on coaching discus­sions.

Never underestimate the small things

While a lot of things are changing in the workplace some things will never change and that is never for­get that it’s the small gestures that can make the biggest difference for people.

I do a lot of employee engage­ment surveys for companies.

This is when I ask staff for feed­back about what they like and what they don’t like about the workplace including the Leaders they work with.

Whenever people talk about the things that Leaders do that they re­ally appreciate it’s incredibly rare that the team mentions about the new contract the Leader has won or the quality of their reports, it’s always the small things.

The leader knows me, they care for me, they always say hello, they often ask about my family, they know what’s important for me, they take time to talk to me, they ask my opinion.

In2019 a lot of things will change in Leadership but one thing that won’t change is the value of spend­ing time, getting to know and car­ing for your people.

Seek out a coach in 2019

In my opinion if you can only do one thing in 2019 to make yourself a better leader then you should seek out a quality coach or mentor. Coaching is the area of leadership that has evolved most of the past five to ten years.

In 2019 not only do you need to be coaching your team but you also need to ensure that you are being coached yourself.

If your organisation doesn’t have a formal coaching structure then seek out a coach because if you manage to work alongside a qual­ity coach then you will start to see dramatic improvements in your ability, your performance and in your career.

If you have tried coaching in the past and you have found it hasn’t worked then the simple answer is that your coach wasn’t good enough.

Being a leader is like being a top athlete.

They require a range of skills that need to be adapted to very different situations and challenges and this requires individual coaching. You couldn’t imagine a top athlete or sports team without a coach, the same is true for

Leaders who want to be success­ful in 2019.



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