Ways To Create The Best Working ‘WEATHER’ (environment) In Your Organisation!!!

  What I am writing today is not just a column but a very important message for all those employees who are or have been playing the role of a
19 Jan 2019 10:00
Ways To Create The Best Working ‘WEATHER’ (environment) In Your Organisation!!!


What I am writing today is not just a column but a very important message for all those employees who are or have been playing the role of a leader or manager for their re­spective teams in their organisa­tions.

Having said this the column is also an earnest and a positive message to the CEOs, Manag­ing Directors and Owners who are keen to create a positive and pleasant ‘weather’ (environment or atmosphere) in their entire or­ganisation as well.

In this column I will be focusing upon the ‘specific’ ways by which you, as a manager, team leader or

CEO/ Managing Director can create the most appropriate and inspiring ‘weather’ within your organisation.

The ‘APPROACHABLE’ weather

Creating the weather of ‘ap­proachability’ is one of the most positive things that a leader or a manager must do.

The boss must create the envi­ronment where his or her subor­dinates feel comfortable, fearless and positive to walk towards him or her to share whatever they feel like.

When a manager or leader be­comes approachable he or she simultaneously creates an atmos­phere of inspiration within each and every employee to feel free and courageous to approach the leader or manager without any nervousness or hesitation!


In the present times of intense

competition and fast paced growth the leader of an organisa­tion must try all his or her best to inspire the attitude of ‘innovative and creative thinking’.

Employees must be constant­ly encouraged and pleasantly pushed to think OUT of the ‘BOX’.

Remember, the weather of crea­tivity and innovation will gen­erate lots of ideas and vibrant perspectives as well as problem-solving techniques!

Developing the ATTITIDE of LEARNING

It is said that enhancement of knowledge leads to growth but the lack of it leads to stagnancy and hence every leader of his or her respective team must try to inspire all the employees to inculcate the attitude towards learning something new which could be relevant to his or her work.

For example, if the leader is in charge of sales and marketing then he or she must encourage his or her team members to learn and gain deeper knowledge about the new and effective techniques of selling as well as learning something more about the art of marketing.

Learning must never stop and the organisation that creates the weather that is conducive for learning new and productive knowledge will always rise higher and faster compared to its competitors.


A lot of times employees feel frustrated at not being given the required recognition or apprecia­tion for their work.

“When I do something right or achieve my target beyond the ex­pectations my boss doesn’t appre­ciate

but when I make even a small mistake, rather than guiding and helping me improve he starts scolding and shouting at me” Such a weather where achieve­ments are not appreciated but mistakes are shouted at could lead to demotivation and eventu­ally a situation where good em­ployees will begin to leave the



There are some organiations

where the toilets are so dirty that entering them is almost im­possible.

Then there those departments where employees don’t bother to keep their respective office spaces clean.

An environment which is unhy­gienic can easily lead to decrease in morale to work as well as a lack of motivation and passion.

Hence, efforts must be dynami­cally taken to keep all the depart­ments of the organisation clean, hygienic and sanitised!


There are some employees who may be really fantastic at their specific work but are

extremely undisciplined espe­cially with respect to arriving to office on time.

I believe that leaders or manag­ers must develop the atmosphere of discipline with the main focus on punctuality. As is said, ‘well begun is half- done!

The weather of Physical and Men­tal WELLNESS

Finally I wish to urge all the leaders or managers to create the weather of mental as well as physical wellness.

Basically what this means is

that leaders must encourage their respective subordinates to become physically as well as men­tally fit.

They must try to have various types of physical fitness classes within their own organisation. Also important would be to invite a health and diet expert to your office to give an inspiring lecture or ‘talk’ on ways to improve your ‘eating habits’ as well as making the employees understand the critical importance of exercising, meditation along with the tech­niques of stress management.

Dear readers, when atmospheres or environments of such kinds are created by the leaders or man­agers

for their respective teams the entire weather will become very positive and inspire all the em­ployees toenhance their efficiency and productivity to the highest!



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