Letters To The Editor, January 21, 2019

Government Versus Archbishop Timoci Gaunavinaka, Waila, Nausori The current impasse between Government and Archbishop Peter Loy Chong can be viewed from different angles. The Catholic Church can threaten to close
21 Jan 2019 10:43
Letters To The Editor, January 21, 2019

Government Versus Archbishop
Timoci Gaunavinaka, Waila, Nausori

The current impasse between Government and Archbishop Peter Loy Chong can be viewed from different angles. The Catholic Church can threaten to close all schools if their heads are not Catholics. Government can also threaten not to pay the salaries of teachers chosen by the Catholic Church that did not go through Government’s criteria of selection on merit.
There are no winners if that happens. Both will lose big time. Students and parents in those schools will suffer. They will also split. Some will accuse Government. Some will accuse the Church. Government is guaranteed four years to run. Can Archbishop Peter Loy Chong guarantee to close all these over 100 Schools for four years and survive in his post as head of the Catholic Church in Fiji?
The most reasonable solution here is dialogue and compromise.
Government is not saying that Catholics cannot be Principals of Catholic Schools.
What it is saying that Principals of Catholic Schools must not be confined to Catholics ONLY. The same applies to other religion-based schools and institutions.
Let us imagine that only Catholics are Principals of all Catholic schools in Fiji and one witnessed a Priest molesting a student as it happens in many countries around the world.
Would he be obliged to report it or would he choose to remain silent not only to protect his church and his faith but also his deepest secrets for he is the same priest he always confesses to.
Hundreds of cases of Catholic Priests molesting children worldwide were only discovered when the victims became adults and testified.
There were definitely witnesses to these filthy crimes but they all choose to remain silent.
In Fiji, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong promoted anti-Government sentiments based on incorrect data to his congregation using Catholic Priests to spread them on the eve of the 2018 election.
This act with a hidden political agenda is more satanic than holy.
If the Archbishop’s motion is to be followed, what is there to stop him from again using Catholic principals to spread similar anti-Government propaganda to the children and parents of this country? The bottom line is that our people voted for Voreqe Bainimarama’s Government to govern this country. We did not vote for Peter Loy Chong.
Peter Loy Chong loves to boast 2000 years of Catholic experiences to justify his argument. But there are pros and cons to every religion in the world. Even Adolf Hitler was a baptized Catholic.
Can the Catholic Church please print a list of the significant achievements of Peter Loy Chong in comparison to what Bainimarama has accomplished?
Where was he when Suva was burning in 2000? Where was he when Fijians were killing Fijians during the RFMF mutiny? Where was he when Indo-Fijians including some who were members of his congregation were bashed up and had their houses looted?
Where was he when a big number of his congregation including he himself were ethnically listed as “others” and not Fijians?
Peter Loy Chong loves to talk but Bainimarama walks that very talk.
Jan Nissar, Carlton NSW 2218
I think there is a conspiracy in motion to undermine a democratically elected government. It started with the fake news about poverty levels during the eve of the elections last year. Now it is threats of civil disobedience.
How deep the opposition and others may be involved is yet to be seen. I hope the Government does not allow innocent children to be used by these sore losers to bring about instability and insecurity to the country.
The Government must continue with the reforms and the good work it is doing.
But some immediate strong action is required.
Respect all, Fear none
Pranil Ram, Votualevu, Nadi
I believe that if there is one motto that our rugby sevens team needs to adopt, then certainly it will be respect all and fear none.
These words are simple but very powerful. The season is set to kick start in the new year.
I am sure we will be the target of many teams who have stepped up their preparation.
The departure of some experienced players has created space for new players to prove themselves. My belief is that the players we have in the team are still capable of bringing the trophy home.
Baber has got the right mix of players. Hamilton is one place where Fiji will never run short of support. It’s more about mind games from now and the start of the tournament.
So, it is mottos like this Baber and the team can embed in the team to build upon their self-belief and be replicated come game time.

Go Fiji Go!
Fijian Holdings Ltd
Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi
FHL is a very successful, local, wholly owned iTaukei Fijian company. It has 16 subsidiaries all over the country and has major shareholders in large companies including being listed on our local stock market.
I have always wondered why it is a Public company but is specifically dedicated only to protect indigenous iTaukei shareholders only, but I am interested to know if the existence of the FHL is discriminatory and is against the Spirit of our 2013 Constitution.
This is something we can ponder upon but I like the advancement of the iTaukei commercial interest through this concept including the now increased $15 Million iTaukei Grant through the Ministry of Economy and vinaka vakalevu to government for recognising the demand and its positive impact on iTaukei resource owners.
The CEO of FHL is Fijian of Muslim descent and the Board is headed by a kai Nadi Adrian Sofield as Chairman which is a very good and successful mix of professionals all chosen on merit in the spirit of our country’s Constitution.
Why not allow other companies and Fijians to team up with those iTaukei and buy shares together to share in the benefits long term and in that manner, it is inclusively compliant, progressive and inclusive which will lead to long term profitability and success for FHL, where Fijian should be indiscriminately allowed to buy shares.
Probably my kaivata from Nadi and friend Adrian Sofield might want to have a relook at their Company Memorandum and Articles of Association to see if this can be accommodated.

Town Rates
Shariff Shah, Savusavu
A whopping $33million owed in rates. $230,000 alone in Savusavu. Yet people want the good Savusavu Town Council to provide services. I am paying $15,000 per year in rates. Can I come in that queue too? I heard some has not paid for the last five years… but continue to enjoy services provided by our councils. The council has given notices and some taken to court but nothing happens. Some planned to pay in installments.
This is a direct slap on my face and those alike that struggle with business but make sure rates are paid on time.
I urge the councils to put up “name and shame” list in front of all council offices for all to see.
If not, I am joining the queue from this year. And why shouldn’t I?

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