Letters To The Editor: 25th January, 2019

Social media block Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi Blocking social media websites in Tonga (FS 24/1; RNZI) is interference in media liberty, which is crucial for democracy. It is also interfering with
25 Jan 2019 12:37
Letters To The Editor: 25th January, 2019

Social media block

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Blocking social media websites in Tonga (FS 24/1; RNZI) is interference in media liberty, which is crucial for democracy.

It is also interfering with individual freedom of expression.

This will be a mockery on democracy, but it is their sovereignty.

Our worst enemy

Pranil Ram, Nadi

One thing for sure that has come to haunt us many times is discipline.

In the past, sometimes where we could have won matches, tournaments and even the World Sevens Series, we were let down because of poor discipline.

Hearing from coach Gareth Baber and the team it is quite clear that they have worked hard on this aspect of the game.

I believe it is important when the going gets tough the senior members of the team need to take control of the situation. We cannot afford to lose players on the field with yellow cards.

Sometimes our opponents are able to exploit this and use things to their advantage.

Sevens is now a competitive sport and indiscipline can prove disastrous. Games could be lost in just a blink of an eye. Decision-making is very important and I hope that coach Baber and the boys have prepared well to encounter this. Go Fiji, go!

Civil disobedience

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Civil disobedience refers to a conscientious, non- violent act contrary to law. The intent is to draw attention to some government policy and to have that policy changed.

I believe that civil disobedience is justified only when government compels us to sin, or when there is no legal recourse for fighting injustice.

The reason we draw the line there is simply because all the scriptural examples of civil disobedience fall squarely into those two situations.

The Bible teaches that government is ordained by God and should command our obedience.

I just hope and pray that the threat of civil disobedience by the Catholic Church is not politically motivated.

The best option is for schools to have spiritual teachers who can instil these teachings. It’s rather sad that these teachings are not reflected in the children’s general behaviour.

Home, school and church

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Christian education involves the three sacred institutions of the home, the faith-based school and the church.

This is from a Christian perspective and I believe all other religious faith in Fiji have followed suit, as they too have their own family worship.

I have supported the building of their own faith-based schools and they have their temples and mosques also.

Christian families, who choose to send their children to Christian faith-based schools, do so because they want their children to be taught, not only the secular school curriculum but also the same values and Biblical faith that are taught at home and in the church.

As long as we can remember, we in Fiji enjoyed the privilege of having a faith-based school with a head teacher or principal being of the same faith.

Christians believe that the home, faith-based schools and the church are ordained and blessed by God to help nurture and teach His people to know Him and reflect His character as they serve God and others.

We in Fiji may have a Constitution and a secular Government that does not discriminate, having all Fijians on a level playing field, with the Education Ministry having the power to change the rules.

The Catholic Church does not agree with the Government move and I believe that Fijians of other faith-based schools will support the stance by the Catholic Church.

Two things are bound to happen if the Government, through the Ministry of Education, ignore the plea by the church.

One, Fijians in the next election will vote for a new Government that will have faith-based schools with the head teacher or principal as one of its own.

Two, God’s curse will be on the leadership because they have made laws that directly affect His institution and people.

Let us pray for Government to do the right thing!

Stray dogs

Nelson Narayan, Lautoka

I am writing to express my growing concern and excruciating dilemma regarding the stray dogs in our Waiyavi community.

Recently, there has been a sudden increase in the population of stray dogs in our neighbourhood.

Vicious-looking dogs roam the neighbourhood in packs and this phenomenon is spreading terror among the residents.

The sight dogs are not the only thing that frightens the people, but also the reported cases of residents being bitten and chased.

The hungry wild dogs frequently make a mess of the rubbish bins by knocking them over and tearing away the plastic bags that hold the trash.

Not only is the scattered rubbish making the roads and alleys dirty and smelly, but such occurrences also attract flies, rats and other pests.

It is also very disgusting to see dog poo on the streets.

At night time, these stray dogs cause a nuisance. They bark and haul, disturbing our beauty sleep. Some dogs look infected and I fear they may spread terrible diseases like rabies.

I sincerely hope that the Lautoka City Council will look at this problem seriously.

Thank you FijiFirst

Patricia A Petueli, Suva

We the people have spoken. Once again, we have voted for security, diversity, self-reliance, unity, meritocracy and social justice. Peace of mind and body.

Thank you FijiFirst for your far-sighted vision, reliability, compassion, pragmatism, tenacity and remarkable integrity.

Simply awesome!

Travel dilemma

Floyd Robinson, Toorak, Suva

Travelling between Suva and Nausori has been a real hassle in the past week.

Some drivers have indicated that it took them at least two hours to drive from work to home because of the traffic jam.

One workmate said that it probably would have been faster to travel from Suva to Sigatoka while one bought takeaways and had dinner while driving home.

Ironically, the number of cars on our roads seem to increase and traffic jams getting worse.

Some call it frustration. Some say it’s a dilemma. Others say its reality beyond our control.


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