Letters To The Editor: 26th January, 2019

Not the Same Floyd Robinson, Toorak Without Eroni Sau, our national 7s team will not be the same in Hamilton. The bone-crunching tackles and daring ability to take on the
26 Jan 2019 11:30
Letters To The Editor: 26th January, 2019

Not the Same

Floyd Robinson, Toorak

Without Eroni Sau, our national 7s team will not be the same in Hamilton.

The bone-crunching tackles and daring ability to take on the defence when on attack was a trademark which the gentle giant established.

Well, like they say, life goes on and we will support our players as they seek to defend their title in the Land of the Long White Cloud.


Our worst enemy

Pranil Ram, Votualevu, Nadi
One thing that has come to haunt us on a number of occasions is discipline.
In the past, sometimes where we could have won games, tournaments and even the series, but we let ourselves down because of our poor discipline.

Hearing from the coach and the team it is quite clear that they have worked hard on this aspect of the game.

I believe it is important when the going gets tough that the senior members of the team need to take control of the situation.

Players cannot be lost through yellow cards because this may prove to be too costly for the team.

Sometimes our opponents are able to exploit this and use things to their advantage.

Sevens rugby has become very competitive and a little indiscipline may prove to be a disaster.

Games could be lost with just in the blink of an eye.

Decision making is very important at crucial times and I hope that Baber and the boys have prepared well.

Go Fiji Go!


Subject Choice

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

The subject choices that our children make for the last two years or three years of school can have a significant impact on the course options available at universities.

While talking to my daughter, who is in year 11, she said, “a lot of children made wrong subject combinations because they simply lacked knowledge on the respective subjects.”

She was fortunate enough to change her subject combination but others couldn’t be- cause of the one-week deadline given.

Choosing subject combinations that genuinely keeps your options open is trickier than you might think.

I think the Ministry of Education and the respective schools must individually talk to Year 11 students to make informative choices.


Faith Based

Joe Smith, Pacific Harbour

I am searching for a copy of 1972 Pacific Review newspaper, which had an article from a Christian group demanding that a school head to be a Christian for students spiritual development.

Another letter admonished him to start spiritual development first from Fiji prisons overcrowded with Christians.

The issue just died.

After 50 years the same issue has reared its head, but that motive is to gather support for the next election.

Archbishop Chong first entered the political arena when he met Air Terminal Services (ATS) workers during their strike and then gave church members outdated figures about the Fijian economy before the general election before apologising sincerely.


Faith and beliefs

Jan Nissar, Carlton, NSW 2218

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments expressed by Sue Cauty in her letter (F/S 22/01).

I especially concur with her view, “To inculcate or impose any belief into the brains of children is surely a form of child abuse – the mental abuse of a child”,

This is, of course, true for children of all religions and faiths.

We want our children to be free thinkers, we do not want to have blinkers imposed on them and we especially do not want them used by “men of wisdom” for their political agendas.

In fact, we want the men of wisdom to come out from behind their cloth and become free thinkers as well.

Stop using your cloth as an excuse to hide behind your agenda of insubordination. Stop using the Holy Spirit as an excuse to manufacture instability in the country.

We want them to respond to our queries about child sexual abuse by “their kind”, including those followers living in Namaka and the Nadi Airport area.

We want those children who may have been abused by men of the cloth to speak up.

These things may have happened a long time ago.

But now you are older and wiser, it is time of you to speak up. I urge the investigative journalists to check the backgrounds of the Catholic priests who have been sent to Fiji and their histories from whence they came.

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