Letters To The Editor: 01st February, 2019

Does it make a difference not being able to travel abroad to watch the HSBC World Sevens Series?
01 Feb 2019 10:00
Letters To The Editor: 01st February, 2019
Letters to the Editor

Sevens and Home

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu
Does it make a difference not being able to travel abroad to watch the HSBC World Sevens Series?

Well, judging by the New Zealand 7s in Hamilton last week, it seemed like we were at home.

The sea of blue dominated the stadium and Fiji fans made themselves at home. One commentator remarked that it was more like the Fiji Sevens Tournament.

One can be sure that Fijian fans will flock to the Sydney Sevens this week- end. Meanwhile, some rugby fans are still wondering how some of the new players have settled in so quickly compared to previous players who needed two seasons to adapt to the demands of international sevens rugby.

For example, Derenalagi and Botitu have stepped up in terms of their performances quite quickly.

All in all, the expectations will be high come this weekend, but like coach Baber has hinted that humility is a key factor that they cannot forget.

Many fans travelling to Sydney from home and aboard will live up to traditions by taking vital supplies of Kava.

Looking forward to another sevens at home. Be it in Fiji or Sydney there will be many Fiji fans watching.


World Cancer Day

Neelz Singh, Lami

Celebrated on the 4th of February all over the world, World Cancer Day is a day that was created to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage people to prevent and detect it as well as to continue to search for new treatment for it.

However, its main goal is to seriously reduce the instances of illness and death by cancer.

Cancer is a leading cause of death around the world, according to WHO, which estimates that 84 million people will die of cancer between 2005 and 2016 without intervention.

Low-income and medium-income countries are harder hit by cancer than the high-resource countries. It is essential to address the world’s growing cancer burden and to work on effective control measures.

The message is to reduce mortality through regular checkups and early detection and treatment. People can also acknowledge this day by wearing one of the cancer awareness ribbons.

A multi-colored ribbon or lavender ribbon can be worn to acknowledge all cancers or a specific color ribbon for a specific form of cancer can be worn. Different coloured ribbons represent different types of cancer.

Promote and support the survivors to better educate and fight for the good cause.


Thank You

Amrit Singh, Nausori

Not everyone wants to do the dirty work these days. Everyone wants to have a white collar job.

But I must say thank you to all those who chose to work in a blue collar trade like those farmers and vendors who sell their produce near roadsides.

Some have proper stalls while others are still selling their produce without a proper rooftop. So many vendors and small scale farmers now can be seen along the Sawani backroad and along the Suva Nausori corridor.

They brave the heavy rain, thunder- storm’s and dangerous drivers along the roadside, but they are determined to make a living. There is a lesson in this for everyone to learn because being a farmer is the most noble employment.

Imagine having no farmer’s in our country.

Thank you farmers and vendors because in real life you guys are true heroes.

For ages people have looked down on farmers because the income from farming is very low in Fiji.

But with determination many small scale farmers and vendors now own multiple businesses.



Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Renuka Kumar’s letter on the above topic(FS 30/1) is to be expected from a former disgruntled teacher. Certainly not interference with ministerial responsibility or political Masters. Civil servants are experts in their own area of specialty and follow rigid rules, and should be respected.

Not to be told what to do and ‘in the good books of life’. This contract system is something else. We should give civil servants more freedom to choose as required to assist PS and minister as required.

If not controlled, pride in own area of expertise can be an area of condescension.

The PS and ministers attitude towards them can be classed as interference without union involvement. They are the basis of a stable government after all.


Priests Sex Abuse

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi

Fiji Sun 30th January reports the many cases of sex abuse of minors by Jesuit priests who served in Catholic Schools in the Federated States of Micronesia or FSM between 1950s, 1960s and 1970s -1990s.

The USA Northeast Province Jesuits which administers the Catholic schools and parishes in FSM have just made public the news.

But what a shame now that those priests have passed on and were never subjected to the full brunt of the law although it was a known fact.

I believe the surviving ones must be located and hunted down to face the courts for their wrongdoing irrespective of their age.

It is indeed sad to note that the reports were made against these Catholic Sex predators in 2002 and 2012 respectively, but were kept under a cloud of secrecy until this year.

The answer to all these cardinal sins by these male dominated Catholic high priesthood is for the Church to allow them to marry including the nuns.

It is God’s commandment for mankind to go forth and multiply, but being unproductive is totally against the great Lord Jehovah’s will or command.

Seriously it will assist in cutting down these Jesuit priests’ lust for these worldly sinful affairs against their very own members of the Catholic faith and parish.

Perhaps our Methodist Churches headquarters throughout the world may want to assist their comrades from the Catholic mission to understand why their Talatala’s are allowed to have a wife and multiply according to God’s plan for all mankind.

I must give credit where it is due and also congratulate the Catholic Jesuits of Fiji for keeping an unblemished record since they first came to serve in the country.

Not a case has been reported against one except for our other Christian faith reverends who are serving jail sentences for their rape cases against their own fellow female church members. What a shame that is.

Five square Da Bang Sale

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