Organisations To Conduct Training Sessions On, For ‘Enhanced’ Growth!

In my previous column I emphasised upon the importance of training as a very critical function of an ‘ambitious’ organisation! Having said this, we must understand that just being conscious
02 Feb 2019 10:00
Organisations To Conduct Training Sessions On, For ‘Enhanced’ Growth!
Mayur Kalbag

In my previous column I emphasised upon the importance of training as a very critical function of an ‘ambitious’ organisation!

Having said this, we must understand that just being conscious of training as an important arm of a growing organisation is not enough.

In my own experience, I have come across many companies who have recognised the need for training for people development but have been unsure and almost completely confused about the topics on which the training should be conducted.

Remember, the lack of proper clarity with respect to the topics or ‘relevant’ areas of training can therefore end up with the irrelevant training decisions leading to ineffective training sessions.

The first and probably the most fundamental step towards making the training initiative of an organisation successful is the correct identification of subjects or topics.

This process of selection is based upon the understanding and assessment of the needs of the employees.

A process that is typically carried out by the Human Resource department.

There are a lot many organisations who have large human resource departments, but there is little or nothing as an effort made to make the right choice of topics for the training.

Based upon my interactions with the personnel from the Human Resource as well as the Learning and Development departments of various organisations I have come to the conclusion that there are broadly five ‘KEY’ topics on which every organisation, large or small, must conduct some training sessions.

I have listed and elaborated on each of them below:

  1. Team Building along with Attitude Development

The success of an organization is always parameterised not only by the quality of its products and services or, not just by the quality of its human resources; but mainly by the quality of its TEAM.

The term TEAM itself means, ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.

Just having the best or the most highly qualified people in various functions is not enough.

The success of a company is measured by the manner in which the entire team works together in a well synchronised and smooth manner.

This is only possible when each and every member of the team learns and understands the ways of improving as a team member especially in terms of his or her ATTITUDE towards the other colleagues, seniors as well as customers.

Training session on topics related to team building can therefore help all the employees in improving and enhancing their own performance.

Also their productivity as individual team members as well as a collective team.

  1. Communication and presentation techniques and skills

In every organisation communication becomes an important medium to help all the employees to effectively and successfully interact with one another towards achieving individual as well as common goals.

There are lots of interpersonal relationships that get negatively affected due to improper and ineffective communication albeit ‘face to face’, email communication, video-conferencing or telephonic interactions.

Some of the most senior managers have been seen to lack proper ‘presentation skills’ and this inability to even make simple corporate presentations to their internal as well as external customers can create a very poor impression.

Learning the techniques and skills of communication and presentation cannot be done while ‘on the job’ and therefore special efforts must be taken to organise specific interactive training sessions for the chosen employees.

As is always said, ‘communication is that bridge which must be not only be maintained but strengthened regularly through training sessions’

  1. Leadership and managerial skills

Whether it is the ship that’s sailing the rough seas or the game of rugby between Fiji and New Zealand there will always be a ‘CAPTAIN’.

The captain will play the critical role of leading his or her respective team!.

Similarly, an organisation too needs a captain in the form of a leader or a manager to help lead and inspire his or her team in an effective manner towards enabling the accomplishment of the organisational goals.

Learning to become an effective leader or manager can be done most successfully through interactive training sessions.

Especially those that incorporate role-plays, management games and case studies along with intense projects and presentations and all this with the help of the trainer’s coaching and guidance.

Organising of training sessions on managerial skills or leadership techniques can act as an amazing catalyst in the development of the managers, executives and team leaders of every organisation.

  1. Customer relationship management

Especially in the present world of intense competition it is imperative for sessions on customer relationship management to be conducted for those employees who are in some way or the other connected to external customers.

A lot of times the lack of positive and effective customer relationship skills ends up with customers feeling disappointed and disgruntled with the organisation despite the quality of products being good.

Keeping your customers happy and highly satisfied is an extremely important aspect in terms of helping organisations beat their competitors.

It is for this reason that workshops and seminars must be organised on such topics as well.

  1. Technical knowledge and functional skills

The final and yet an extremely important topic or area of training is that which comes under the umbrella of technical knowledge as well as functional skills.

Technical knowledge is that which relates to the knowledge about the new technology, latest productivity- machines as well as knowledge about the products and processes.

Functional skills also have their own significance and are those that are related to specific functions namely sales and marketing, financial management, and project management along with a few others.

I believe the five fundamental subjects of training I have shared can become the key focus areas for organisations to plan and conduct trainings upon on a pleasantly regular basis.

This can positively shape their employees and helping them enhance their performance and productivity!


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