Letters To The Editor, Monday 11 February, 2019

We can still contribute with pride and distinction, even working shifts. Try us. You have nothing to lose.
11 Feb 2019 11:22
Letters To The Editor, Monday 11 February, 2019

Fiji Immigration
Ronnie Chang, Nadi

The Director of Immigration, Mr Nemani Vuniwaqa reports a shortage of man- power at various border controls.
There are many experienced retirees, who with minimum training, will gladly put up our hands to assist on 12-monthly intervals.
We can still contribute with pride and distinction, even working shifts. Try us. You have nothing to lose.

School Toilets
Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

While much is being discussed about school teachers, I wish to draw attention to the deplorable conditions of our school toilets.
A condition, which is prevalent in most of our schools.
I was not only shocked to witness for myself the very poor state of affairs of toi- lets at a particular primary school here in Savusavu, but I was also informed by reliable sources that most of the schools here have the same problems.
How can head teachers, school management committees, teachers and the Ministry of Health allow the cleaning of school toilets to deteriorate to such deplor- able conditions?
It is so bad that many par- ents instruct their little ones to never use them.
What has become of our schools? Why isn’t the Ministry of Health making regular, scheduled inspections of school toilets?
The very poor state of toilet facilities simply shows the low regard in which our children’s health is held in schools.
With leptospirosis currently on the rise in least expect- ed places, so much needs to be done to improve the safety, cleanliness and hygiene of our school toilets before our disregard for hygiene breeds an outbreak of diseases such as typhoid in our children.
Deplorable indeed!

EFL Power
Shariff Shah, Savusavu

Nearly everyday an ad appears in the papers for a planned power shutdown.
I wonder is it for mainte- nance or rationing of pow- er. For sure EFL is facing problems here in Savusavu. No consistency at all. Stop fooling us please because this shutdown for so called maintenance has been going on for sometime now. Stop it Now!
Breaking Stereotypes

Pranil Ram, Votualevu,

I would like to shed more light on the recent saga on the appointment of school heads. I thank our respected religious leaders and learned academics and many others who have used the media platform to express their views on this issue.
There are many comments, suggestions and views that has emanated out of this topic which is a very encouraging sign of a healthy democracy.
People feel that they have every right to express their views on this because it affects them.
Our diversity is unique. The overriding objective is how can we achieve social stability?
Schools are an integral part in everyone’s life. Schools are one place where we could promote harmonious relationship between the different ethnic groups that exist through well thought out policies.
Schools could be used to strengthen our belief system by building social capital.
I believe with deep conviction in my mind that appointing leaders of the same ethnic group in the same school is a misconception. It’s not only the school heads who promote religious goals, but all the stakeholders including the management who would be central to the idea.
We are all aware of how much our past has hurt us in terms of our relations and co- existence which were mostly preoccupied with race.
If it has to happen one time, then the time is now. There is a paradigm shift in the way we need to do things to achieve greater social stability.
However, the best way for- ward for the parties involved is to engage in open dialogue and reach for genuine consensus.

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