Letters To The Editor: 19th February, 2019

The people of Fiji rely on our parliamentarians to provide them with real facts to make real changes. I would suggest she take a leaf out of the Honorable leader of Opposition, Sitiveni Rabuka’s book, who apologised for selling three key State-owned companies during his term as Prime Minister.
19 Feb 2019 16:12
Letters To The Editor: 19th February, 2019
Opposition Member of Parliament Lynda Tabuya outside Parliament. Photo: Ronald Kumar.

Act Honourably

Peni Naoma, Savusavu

As a parliamentarian, Lynda Tabuya should refrain from misleading the people of Fiji and act honourably as the title suggests.

On Friday, February 15, Lynda Tabuya said in Parliament: Liquidity is at an all-time low, it has been the lowest since the past 8-10 years. Madam, for your information, Fiji’s liquidity as of February 2019 is $342 million.

Ten years before 2018 was 2008, when Fiji’s liquidity was $55.1 million, so her statement is wrong. Fiji’s liquidity is not at an all-time low, rendering her argument completely false.Later when the Minister for Economy  was correcting her, Opposition MPs started saying eight years, completely contradicting themselves.

Is this how the Opposition plans to fool Fijians?

Honourable Tabuya, please understand that you can no longer fake it like the volleyball campaigns.

The people of Fiji rely on our parliamentarians to provide them with real facts to make real changes. I would suggest she take a leaf out of the Honorable leader of Opposition, Sitiveni Rabuka’s book, who apologised for selling three key State-owned companies during his term as Prime Minister.

Take a cue from your leader, just admit you are wrong Madam and apologise. It’s not that hard.

Vinaka PM

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva
Most of us will by now be tossed to and fro by all the back chat regarding the leasing of part of the Botanical Gardens to the Indian Government for the building of its chancery in Suva.

Our Honourable Prime Minister should be thanked for giving up his precious time on Sunday to appear live on an iTaukei Talk Back Show and answer questions on the issue.

He revealed that in 2014 our Fijian Ambassador in India requested a piece of land for the building of the Fijian High Commission in India, which the Indian Government complied with.

The Indian Government made a counter request for a piece of land in Suva for the building of the Indian High Commission.

So, Government has given the old netball court at Thurston Gardens and the PM has promised that no blade of grass, tree or flowers will be uprooted from the Botanical Gardens.

Vinaka PM for speaking the truth and clarifying this matter and Opposition MPs stop the lies and fairy tales please.
New Lawyers

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Every now and then a batch of new lawyers graduate in Fiji, but the lawyer fees keep getting higher and higher.

All the best to all the new graduates.
Parliamentary Privileges

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi
I fully agree with Nemani Delaibatiki in promoting parliamentary privileges in his analysis (FS 18/2).

Indeed, parliamentary privilege is not a gateway to abuse and lies to achieve political gain.

It is supervised by an experienced person and section 71 of the constitution cannot be better policed.

I agree that the concept of separation of powers is very important and must leave the courts to decide forthwith or we will be accused of tyranny.

We must set standards regardless of who and we cannot ask for a better supervisor.
Phone Addiction

Shariff Shah, Savusavu

Can the speaker please ban mobile phones in Parliament?

Some honorable MPs are so very much addicted.
Our Worst Enemy

Pranil Ram, Votualevu, Nadi

Once again discipline has cost Lautoka a place in the OFC quarterfinal. This is not something new in Oceania Football that has let us down. Discipline has not only troubled Lautoka, but many other local football teams in the past.

Central Sports came with a plan to upset our players. They were very inviting in their approach so that Lautoka players commit fouls.

Probably, they were well aware that it is very easy to put Fijian players off when they are under pressure.

Though the score is respectable, but it could have easily blown away.

In the process Lautoka created its own piece of history in the competition by becoming only the second team to host the games and not to qualify.

This raises serious questions. What did the management team do to rectify the on field disciplinary issues in players?

How long we will continue to give away matches like this?

I believe it is time that associations need to bring in sports psychologists to overcome this, otherwise discipline will continue to haunt us.
Vehicle Emissions

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Why doesn’t Land Transport Authority (LTA) have a vehicle emissions testing programme?

We sure have a significant number of vehicles on our roads spewing heavy exhaust emissions, which includes carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

These pollutants are harmful to human health and our environment.

School buses are the worst and our children are exposed to these fumes on their way to and from school each day.

Aren’t we supposed to be leading in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions?
Mass Communication

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

Admittedly, for all good reasons and without doubt, some not-so-good reasons, Fiji’s growth, in leaps and bounds, in the field of mass communication, both 3G and 4G, has brought along its huge social ills.

Newer generation technologies do have an admissible downside.

Smart phones are readily available.

Almost every single household has no less than two mobile phones.

It must be recognised the ready accessibility of porn material is scary and troublesome. There are huge negatives Fiji strives to contend with.

Porn sites are so readily available to all citizens, of all ages, cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs.

This is clearly evident, beyond all shadow of reasonable doubt. Children, parents, grandparents and religious leaders included, have sadly fallen victims and become perpetrators. Fiji’s frightening national statistics on rape and sexual abuse prove all our authorities have a fight on their hands.

This is really troublesome.

True woes, on a huge scale.

Increasing numbers of members of our society are definitely too gullible for shamefully wrong reasons.

Longer prison terms do not serve as adequate deterrent and are a wholesale waste of valuable taxpayers’ funds and taxes.

Monies that could be well used to for poor, needy, sick, ageing and urgently needed hospices.

Respectfuly, here’s a quotable quote:

“Monkey see; monkey do.”

Am I wrong?
Our Boxing

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka
Is it highly questionable that now the Boxing Commission has come out explaining that the canvas used last Saturday was not of the desired material.

Where were they before the event? Who was scrutinising the event which includes the use of materials and equipment?

There were other fights prior to the main event and why was the main bout brought to a premature end?

Aren’t the public significant?

The boxers had prepared well and hard enough to put up a good fight Fiji needed in this sport but to be disturbed by sleeping heads.

In fact, if the canvas was not of the right quality and material, all fights should have been declared no-contest.

But no fight should have gone on at all if the inspection was done with a genuine compliant mode.

This is a crime and must be investigated well enough.

The public needs answers.

Remember that the boxing commission is nothing without the boxers, promoters and the public.

I do not think that the money that was spent on getting the new boxing ring is highly questionable.

Just imagine we have a new ring, but it is unusable.

What a joke. Remove all the executives of this so-called commission and let the boxers take charge of their future with experts who have the time and are dedicated to this sport, which is my favourite.

Making boxers fight without boxing footwear is a joke never to be shared with the outside world of boxing.

We have become a laughing stock. Fiji Sports Commission, please wake up.  Our reputation is at stake under current administrators of boxing. Shame, shame, shame.
Parliament Session

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu
Watching the Parliament in progress on TV, there are those that are seated behind the speakers that are always on their phones and are hardly listening or concentrating on what’s happening.

Why don’t they prepare questions that would counter their speakers against the opposition?

Come on we got you there to voice our concern and not to scroll your phones.
Unpatriotic Behaviour

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is absolutely correct in stating that the behaviour of some opposition members are unpatriotic.

Misinformation and lies by these members are evident on social media and even in Parliament.

Even Opposition member and National Federation Party leader, Professor Biman Prasad, confirmed that “yes” there is misinformation and lies from both sides of the house.

It is indeed very sad and unfortunate for the nation that the very people it depends on to manage our affairs are engrossed in such unprofessional, unethical behaviour.

Such negative attitudes ought to change for the better of the nation and I totally agree with Mr Bainimarama that those who spread misinformation and lies needs to be exposed of in order to maintain the integrity of those whom we’ve voted into Parliament.

Grow up, be professional, and act like the adults we thought you were!


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