Letters To The Editor: 21st February, 2019

Cutting through the lies and misinformation, by Jyoti Pratibha’s analysis (FS18/02) simply reveals the low level of ability by the Opposition.
21 Feb 2019 16:33
Letters To The Editor: 21st February, 2019

Lies and misinformation

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Cutting through the lies and misinformation, by Jyoti Pratibha’s analysis (FS18/02) simply reveals the low level of ability by the Opposition.

What’s most surprising of all is that it does not seem like Opposition MPs are consulting each other over issues to be tabled in Parliament, especially when it comes to discussing issues that are beyond their field of expertise.

In this particular issue we have a lawyer who obviously has no idea about finance, there is a hotelier who has a problem with simple mathematics, there is a businessman who thinks he is a lawyer, and then there is one who really takes after his name, always twisting and commenting about anything and everything!

The Fact Check column by Fiji Sun is great and I hope it continues in order to call out MPs who lie and spread misinformation.


Science and God

Stefan van Rhyn, Melbourne, Australia
I refer to the recent letter from Timoci Gaunavinaka regarding the alleged mismatch between Science and the Bible, especially with regard to dinosaurs.

There are many verses which seem to refer to dinosaurs, including Isaiah 27:1, Psalm 104:26, Job 40:15-24, 41:1-10.

An old pastor friend of mine said: ‘If you want to understand the word of God, stand under the word of God’.

Carbon dating is great if everything has been happening at a constant rate, yet if we can believe in Ice Ages, we know that earth’s history has not been constant.

Owing to this, as well as the Great Flood, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has changed, and thus we cannot be sure to date things in this way.

Anyone who has interest in this topic, and is a serious enquirer should google “young earth” on the internet.


Labasa and soccer

Floyd Robinson, Suva

Is there a connection between Labasa and talented soccer players?

First class soccer players have emerged from Labasa including Ivor Evans and Simon Peters. These were gentlemen who possessed talent, almost second to none in Fijian soccer.

More recently, Roy Krishna was voted the Professional Footballers Australia Player of the month.

A remarkable achievement indeed, given his record of scoring 12 goals in 19 appearances. Not bad for a gentleman who was once a reserve on Fiji’s development side.

Some say it’s talent but in Labasa they believe it’s also called dedication and commitment.


RFMF review laws

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi
Despite the review of military laws (FS 20/2), it is sad that part of their submission to the Constitutional Review Committee to stop self-enrichment has been denied.

Although it’s included in section 149(f) we are yet to see annual declaration by relevant officers.

The Military should dig into this with the view of corrections. Otherwise, it can be alleged as corruption.

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