Achieving More And More

Former national hockey rep Jen­nie Osborne is now Paradise Bev­erages Fiji sales manager (West) and is urging women that there is more to life after playing sports.
23 Feb 2019 10:00
Achieving More And More
First from left Jennie Osborne, Fiji Airways Flying Fijians player Frank Lomani and Joe Rodan Snr. Picture: Simione Haravanua

Women involved in sports need to have the passion, ethics and long term com­mitment in order to achieve their goals.

Former national hockey rep Jen­nie Osborne is now Paradise Bev­erages Fiji sales manager (West) and is urging women that there is more to life after playing sports.

Among her notable achievements was helping Fiji women hockey team winning gold at the 2003 Pa­cific Games in Suva.

And apart from managing the sales aspect of the company, she has been playing a vital role in organising major rugby sevens and the golf tournaments over the years.

She shares her life experience, challenges and achievements.

  1. What’s your current position? Paradise Beverages Sales Manag­er/Team Leader (West).

How long have you been in this po­sition? 3 Years

  1. Overview of what you do in your work

Responsible for the following:

  1. Sales in the Western Region, On and Off Premise, Duty Free, Aero­domes & Packets etc.
  2. b. Overlook – Major Rugby and Golf events West
  3. Media Liaison for Events, Spon­sorship, Sustainability for Sales.
  4. What would you say most moti­vates you to do what you do?

Personally-My children, fam­ily, friends and sports motivate me. They are the reasons to push positively into any challenges in life and to be the best role model to them in everything I do. Sports being the core for the beginning of discipline, teamwork and sports­manship in any sportspersons life.

Professionally – The iconic brands that we produce, Fiji Bitter, Fiji Gold, Bounty Rum, the upcoming Ratu and Bati Rums. Being in in­volved with Environmental Sus­tainability and Charity through the company sponsorship and the awesome Suva Sports and Social Health Club, where employees raise funds on their own for char­ity. On a whole Paradise Beverages is one of the Premium place to work for.

  1. What are you most excited or passionate about? I am mostly pas­sionate about people, and being able to part of their journey in progress. Excited about reaching the simplest goals and even more sowith the bigger goals.
  2. What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your work? Profes­sionally, I would like to reach the highest goal in any company CEO. Or be the CEO of my own company.

Not so much the goals that are in your job description, but the goals you hold personally?

Personally my goals were to reach the highest level in the following :

nSports – Hockey 2003 Gold Me­dalist SPG

nEducation –PGDPGM, MBA

nCareer – GM/CEO

nPersonal Dream: Builder of Dream Homes

What were you doing previously? Started my career as a temp with the Bank of Hawaii, AG Jennings & Co, Denarau Co-operation then joined the Brewery.

  1. Where did you grow up? Countries that you have been to doing work and what was that like?

Born in Suva, grew up in Nadi, worked in Hawaii and visited USA, New Zealand, Australia

  1. Key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are now

My key mentor is my late mother, a woman who brought up 8 children single handed. She was CEO of her home in every aspect. Arthur Jen­nings, who was a key figure in our lives when my dad passed away, my family is forever grateful to him and his family. My current mentor is my boss Joe Rodan Senior, he has developed us to the people we are today. He has inspired to me all dis­ciplines in the corporate and fam­ily life.

  1. Did you have any life-changing experiences and challenges that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you’re doing today?

My life changing experience was when I had my daughter. I had al­ways opted for contracts with the Brewery, reason being the travel­ling you do as a national rep, plus the schedules of being a Fiji Rep which is disciplined to reach the top. Having my daughter made me think seriously of a stable career and it was time to settle and focus on bringing up a child in a stable environment.

  1. As an active woman involved in sports previously and now, how do you see the role of women in sports specifically in Fiji and how important is it to encourage more woman taking up roles in various sporting federations?

As a previous active athlete, it is important to ensure that a suc­cession planning is in place in for all federations. Women sporting bodies have to be run on passion, ethics and long term plans. People who are committed and passionate about sports and development na­tionally are best people.

  1. When you think of the future of the kind of work you’ve talked about here, what gives you a sense of hope?

I see the future as a positive one, development is on the rise. We en­courage reduction of NCDS, Clean­er environment. Cleaner healthier, prosperous future.

  1. What’s next for you in your work? What are you looking forward to? I aim to reach the highest level in my career, and be the Builder of Dream Homes. Already on my way for Dream Homes. I thank God for everything in my life.

-Edited by Osea Bola


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