Making Training Sessions Highly Successful With The ‘IPSEC:Training Methodology’

The ‘I’ of the IPSEC therefore represents one of the most important ways of conducting a training session and that ‘I’ is ’Attitude of INVOLVEMENT’
23 Feb 2019 18:13
Making Training Sessions Highly Successful With The ‘IPSEC:Training Methodology’

In am going to Singapore to attend the international seminar on the subject of Innovation for Growth.

I am keenly looking forward to this opportunity” Harish, the senior executive for exports and marketing, for one of the leading organisations in Fiji, told all his departmental colleagues with excitement.

A month had passed by since the conference had transpired and as Harish was walking towards the cafeteria for lunch he met some of his colleagues from the other departments.

“Hey Harish, how was your conference? Must have been a fantastic learning experience aye?” asked one of them.

“Honestly, the seminar was most boring but the food and the sight-seeing I did after the seminar was out of the world!”

Harish replied with a mischievous smile.

Interestingly many of us probably have had similar experiences.

I remember having been sent to attend a ‘Train the Trainer’ seminar of a duration of three days and all that they made me go through were lectures, watching some videos and presentations.

I was sent to understand and learn the ways to become a more effective and impactful trainer but I ended up learning how to become a very good presenter.

To be honest, whether it was the seminar on Innovation or the seminar on Train the Trainer, what was absent was not the content but the correct and most effective methodology of delivering the training.

Why do you think Harish got bored of the Innovation seminar?

I am sure it was because of the manner in which the seminar might have been delivered.

In today’s world, we must not use yesterday’s methods to be in tomorrow’s business, and it is for this reason that today’s ‘trainers, facilitators or motivational speakers must use better and more impacting techniques or methods while delivering their respective training sessions.

From my research and global observation of some of the most successful trainers across the world I have come to the inference that the IPSEC methodology is by far one of the best ways or steps towards making a training programme or seminar.

It is highly successful and in generating the highest level of participation and progression from the participant.

Let us unfold the IPSEC!


It is said that in order to make a training or seminar successful the trainer must try his or her best to make each and every participant highly ‘INVOLVED’; and to be able to invoke the attitude of involvement the trainer must first create what is known as Energising Interactive Initiatives or also known as the ‘EII’.

By activating the EII the trainer can not only increase the levels of involvement from the participants but also positively stimulate their ‘OUT of BOX’ thinking capacity.

The ‘I’ of the IPSEC therefore represents one of the most important ways of conducting a training session and that ‘I’ is ’Attitude of INVOLVEMENT’.


The trainer or facilitator or even a motivational speaker must understand that all the simple as well as pleasantly complicated ‘CONTENT or subject –matter must be found to be extremely practical and implementable by each and every participant.

They must be able to relate all the things they listen and learn to their respective aspects of work.

Remember we must that without practicality the training session will end up as a pleasant failure.

It is my firm belief that the trainer therefore must give or share real-time examples and case –studies and also make the participants do role-plays to make the content extremely practical and useful.


Seminars and training sessions in the present times must not be those where the trainer or facilitator beautifully ‘SPOON-FEEDS’ the participants with all the content that he or she has assiduously prepared through long lectures, power-point presentations and/or extremely impacting videos.

It is not that the trainer must completely ignore the art of lecturing, showing of ‘slides’ or ‘relevant; videos but must make the participants deeply curious, inquisitive and excited to ‘SEARCH’ for answers or solutions or new ideas on their own or along with their other group members.

The initiative of the trainer to create an interest and curiosity in the participant to search for solutions can make the entire training extremely positive, proactive and productive!


“Mr. Mayur, I am surprised you are not aware of the new Management concept!” the trainer exclaimed in pleasant anguish and that too in front of all the other participants.

In doing so he not only made me feel humiliated but also internally upset and demotivated.

I found his attitude to be arrogant with a complete lack of ‘EMPATHY’.

I obviously did not know about the new management concept but rather than ridiculing me he could have empathised with me and explained the concept.

By doing this I would have gained ‘new’ knowledge and he too would have earned my deepest respect.

Trainers must always be humble and down to earth and must never show – off their knowledge or experience. I remember a senior trainer telling me that arrogance and lack of empathy for participants are deceptive ‘OBSTACLES’ in the growth and success of a trainer.


If you, as a trainer, wish to make your session or seminar most impacting, inspiring and invigorating for each of the participants then please make the training sessions ‘positively different’.

Doing the same thing in a very different manner will surely get the participants pay more attention to the subject of training.

I have seen some of the trainers bringing balloons, paper-planes and even umbrellas to the training and using them in extremely interesting and innovative ways towards making the training enjoyable as well as effective.

We must understand that creative trainers will always make the sessions vibrant and victorious and more importantly make the participants remember the learning points from the training for extremely long periods of time.

The IPSEC is a very practical and simple set of ways of conducting a training session or a seminar in the most effective and energizing manner and I am sure that many of you from the training and teaching fraternity will surely give it a try!


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