Why Travel and Tourism: It’s the Most Dynamic and Competitive Industry in the World

The tourism industry is one of Fiji’s vi­brant and important sector that has an impact on development for our na­tion’s economy.
23 Feb 2019 20:55
Why Travel and Tourism: It’s the Most Dynamic and Competitive Industry in the World

The tourism industry is one of Fiji’s vi­brant and important sector that has an impact on development for our na­tion’s economy.

We all know the many benefits that are as­sociated with the industry—income creation and generation of jobs are at the very top of this list. But this is all possible through in­vestment and infrastructure and tourists.

The Bureau of Statistics had released the provisional numbers showing that visitor arrivals for January 2019 totalled 63,807, an increase of 1.9 per cent compared to a year earlier.

Though a slow start but it’s a steady move indicating we can and should expect our numbers to increase into the peak months.

The importance of travel and tourism to a country or a region is the income it generates from the visiting tourists.

Tourists spend money on hotels, restau­rants, sightseeing, museums and ticketed landmarks as well as purchasing items in lo­cal stores.

All of this generates sales tax revenue, and the increase in profit from the aforemen­tioned businesses is of course also taxable.

Close collaboration

At the National Training and Productivity Centre, we work in close collaboration with our industry stakeholders.

Through these partnerships we are able to provide stakeholders more than 2000 short and medium courses annually to ensure the national workforce maintains a high level of productivity.

For the Department of Tourism and Travel, we focus on shaping the future of in-service employees in the hospitality and travel/tour­ism sector.

This is made possible through the partner­ship with TAFE New South Wales, Australia.

The programme, TAFE Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management provides locals an Australian qualification here in Fiji.

The benefits enrolling in to this course is that it’s delivered locally and recognised in­ternationally. If you love travel and you are committed to ensuring tourists have a memo­rable experience why not make a career of it?

People who work in travel and tourism have a passion for travel, and a commitment to helping tourists make the most of their holi­day whether at home or abroad.

Completion of this programme qualifica­tion paves the pathway to working in many travel and tourism industry sectors as a de­partmental or small business manager.

Diversity of employers

The diver¬sity of employers includes travel agencies, tour wholesalers, tour operators, inbound tour operators, tourist attractions, visitor information centres, and other tour­ism businesses.

Many of our graduates have been successful in securing employment at various hotels, re­sorts and tour companies around Fiji mainly in the areas of customer service, sales and marketing, finance and overall operations to name a few reflecting on the international qualifications framework provided through NTPC attained locally.

Since the delivery of TAFE Diploma of Trav­el and Tourism Management programme we have had promising numbers and positive feedbacks from the industry. Yes there’s a positive indication that enrolment numbers into this particular programme for this year has picked up and we expect more students to join the program in the second semester.

Employees in the tourism and travel sector are becoming more aware of this programme to upgrade their skills in order to be consid­ered for a promotion into a senior or execu­tive positions.

This not only contributes positively to­wards meeting their personal and profes­sional development goals but the organi­sations they represent in terms of timely service delivery.

Why choose a career in the travel and tourism industry:

There are a number of reasons why a ca­reer in the Travel and Tourism industry would be the way to go:

1. Endless opportunities: tourism is a worldwide industry, and the skills you learn at college are easily transferable. A career in tourism can literally open up the world for you, especially if you want to combine work with travel.

2. Its creative: as well as being a people-ori­ented industry, a great variety of tourism jobs require you to think on your feet and be creative.

People who work in tourism have a crucial part to play, making sure that visitors have a fantastic experience and then go back home to spread the word.

3. Scope: there’s such a wide range of jobs in the industry so there is never any need for you to get stuck in one niche.

Tourism courses can give you access to a career as a Tourist Guide, Tour Manager, Adventure Sports Activity Manager, Travel Consultant, Event and Conference Manag­er, Air Cabin Crew or Airport Ground staff, Holiday Rep – the list is endless!

HOTEC participation:

Every year the Fiji Hotel and Tourism As­sociation organises the HOTEC event. This is Fiji’s biggest hospitality event providing networking opportunities in and around the hospitality industry. For us at NTPC and our Department this was our chance to not only market our programmes and courses but also network and create new partnerships with those in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry.

Non-award programmes:

If you are not interested in the TAFE programmes, we also offer non-award pro­grammes like in-bound Travel Service, Customer Service, relating to the tourism industry.

These programme structures have been reviewed to ensure compatibility with the requirement of NTPC’s Grant Scheme Five, registration of training staff and to provide easier excess to programs by pro­spective participants.

We also carry out training needs analysis, tailor made in house training for different work environments as well public trainings mainly in the areas of overall operations, su­pervisory, management and soft skills train­ings.

These courses are best suited for those who are looking for a career in the travel and tour­ism management arena, a promotion, career change or adding extra knowledge and skills to their current competencies.


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