4-Year Jail Term For Robbing Employer

Armed with a cane knife Timoci Tikina threatened an employee to hand over the money till and his phone. The till had $3180.
05 Mar 2019 12:03
4-Year Jail Term For Robbing Employer

A man who robbed his employer of $3180 and spent the money on alcohol, rental cars and his friends was yesterday jailed for four years and seven months.

Timoci Tikina appeared before Justice Daniel Goundar at the High Court in Suva yesterday charged with one count of Aggravated Robbery.

On October 8, 2018, Tikina entered a shop in Kinoya armed with a cane knife and threatened an employee to hand over the money till and his phone. The till had $3180.

Justice Goundar said the accused breached the trust of his employer by stealing from him.

“You have offered to explain your criminal conduct. The shop owner was your employee. You stole from him because he did not pay your wages. You now realise that that is not an excuse for your act. You are 20 years old and a first-time offend- er,” Justice Goundar said.

“You have entered an early guilty plea and have expressed remorse. Your guilty plea has utilitarian value in terms of saving court time and resources.

“You have requested this court not to fix a non-parole period to give you an incentive to rehabilitate. I am inclined to accede to that re- quest. You are young and have ex- pressed genuine remorse by taking responsibility for your act. There is hope for reform.

“Your head sentence is five years imprisonment. You have been in custody on remand for nearly five months. The remaining term for you to serve is four years, seven months’ imprisonment and I de- cline to fix a non-parole period.”

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