Editorial: Faceless Keyboard Trolls

They turned to social media because they knew they can be faceless keyboard ‘warriors’.
06 Mar 2019 10:08
Editorial: Faceless Keyboard Trolls
Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Rosy Akbar

On Friday, Education, Heritage and Arts Minister Rosy Akbar spoke out candidly about how she and her daughters were bullied online after her estranged husband was charged with some criminal offence.

She is right in setting the record straight. She is like hundreds of thousands of women have constantly been torn down.

Ms Akbar had no role in her estranged husband’s alleged crime. She had filed for divorce and has no communication whatsoever with him.

But, this fact did not stop trolls from putting out her daughter’s photos taken with Ms Akbar’s estranged husband and making all sorts of wild allegations.

These trolls have not turned to social media because media in Fiji is restricted. No.

They turned to social media because they knew they can be faceless keyboard “warriors” and throw dirt on a hardworking woman.

They have done it to others and they continue to do the same with Ms Akbar and her blameless daughters.

What has been astounding is that not one women’s group or a Non-Government Organisation volunteered comments supporting Ms Akbar.

These are the same groups who have been fighting tooth and nail for all other issues but their hypocrisy is rather apparent now.

The same groups have stood up and spoken out on a range of issues from gay rights to women’s rights but here is a high-profile woman whose appointment as a Minister had absolutely nothing to do with who she was married to.

She has been vilified and not one squeak has come out of these groups.

Everyone who has ever accused this Government of abusing its authority, or accused the Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho should learn to open their eyes to facts before they speak.

The man was investigated and charged like any Fijian.

This is democracy at work. People, NGOs, academics, lawyers cannot pick and choose when they want to fight for democracy and stand for women’s rights. They should do it for all or none at all.

That is how the cookie crumbles.

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