Letters: 6th March, 2019

Both my thumbs went up and there was a smile on my face in response to the level playing field work attitude of the Suva City Council traffic officer, who gave parking infringement notices to Government vehicles that were illegally parked.
06 Mar 2019 10:35
Letters: 6th March, 2019

Parking Infringements

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Both my thumbs went up and there was a smile on my face in response to the level playing field work attitude of the Suva City Council traffic officer, who gave parking infringement notices to Government vehicles that were illegally parked.

Suva Street in Suva was busy on Thursday last week as Police Officers were gathered at the CID Headquarters before going out to pay their last respects to their fallen comrade.

There were no parking spots available on this end of Suva Street, so most drivers thought that by parking their vehicles on the footpaths away from the yellow no parking line, they would be safe.

But, this Council worker did not spare anyone who broke the law, issuing infringement notices to Police vehicles, a vehicle from the Judicial Department and vehicles owned by Police officers.

We know that our current Government treats all Fijians on a level playing and I hope that this non-discrimination is reflected in all areas of service.

What we really all want to know is; “Do Government departments or ministries pay parking fines to the Suva City Council or is it thrown in the bin at the end of the day?


HSBC 7s top 4 finish

Ronnie Chang, Nadi
Should Fiji Airways Fiji 7s head coach, Gareth Baber, fail to guarantee and deliver Fiji a top four finish, in the 2018/2019 HSBC 7s rugby series for automatic qualification for the 2020 Olympics, it might be wise enough to begin the search for a possible successor.

Fiji’s commercial business entities still have very generous corporate sponsors. Our Government of the day can rise to the occasion by making financial contributions of a minimum of $200,000.00 per sponsor, 150 per cent tax deductible for this worthy sporting cause, in view of our very special first-ever Gold medal finish in Rio.

Food for thought!


Director Museum

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The Fiji Museum falls under the ambits of the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts and the Director Museum Sipiriano Nemani is therefore an employee of the state.

His job description is to ensure the smooth running and management of the Fiji Museum, its cleanliness and the safe custody of all its artefacts or as otherwise directed to by the Museum Trustees.

He should not be commenting on the land issue at Thurston Gardens which should be left to the appropriate regulatory authorities like the Minister for Lands, Suva City Council and the Minister for Local Government, Department of Town and Country Planning, TLTB, TLFC and the Landowners of Suvavou to determine its usage and ownership which is absolutely none of Sip- iriano’s business.

The land where the Fiji Museum is seated on is not part of the unused piece of land that is earmarked for the Indian Chancery so what is he harping about and I think he should resign effective immediately as he has got his priorities in the wrong place.

The area where the Cave is has been overgrown for decades which definitely means it holds no value or significance then until now, but the director has never even bothered to crab hold a cane knife in walking his talk to clean the entrance and the surroundings to the Cave if he does care or if he knows where the cave is exactly located.

If those Suvavou Landowners and claim- ants were realistically honest with their claims, are very serious and so concerned about their Ancestral Burial ground, where they were all this time with SODELPA’s Niko Nawaikula and Sipiriano the past 100 years, the whole of Fiji have not seen them clean up the land and cave or collectively do the Cara-i-Bulubulu every year as it is cus- tomary for all i-Taukei villages all over the country as a mark of respect for their dead foremothers and fathers.

This land deal is an internal matter between the Fijian and the Indian government at that level and Nemani must not interfere as an employee in taking the sides of those aggrieved misinformed SODELPA led opposition Suvavou landowner’s supporters.

Nemani is very daring and unprofessional as a State employee to be commenting on an issue that does not concern him and I personally wish to ask the Minister responsible to take the necessary remedial step as he has been very vocal in both our mainstream Media’s and our TV stations.

For the sake of development and progress in any country something has to give way, but those who are very concerned about the iconic 100+ year old Rain Trees, the Thurston Gardens and the Fiji Museum can be rest assured they will remain exactly where they are undestroyed, untouched and no one will die from these exercise but there will instead be great benefit to our people and country through the massive investment by the Indian government.

I am sure those Mothers and Fathers of Dengue Mosquitoes that have dwelled in that small area of bushland for more than 100 years will now have to relocate else- where to find a home where the new proposed building will make it look much more attractive for Fijians and visitors alike.

Our FijiFirst Government must do what is right by our country for its bigger and long term interest which should holistically benefit our future Fijians together with the protection of our mutual bilateral relations with a world Super Power like India which have done so much for Fiji.

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