Change Management Towards Growth And Development

Change man­agement is also is related to the manner in which even an em­ployee manages his or her change from within.
10 Mar 2019 10:34
Change Management Towards Growth And Development

One of the most important aspects of any organisa­tion across the world is the way in which it initiates, in­spires and implements the pro­cess of ‘Change’.

Having said this change man­agement is also is related to the manner in which even an em­ployee manages his or her change from within.

Through this column I wish to share some of the most impor­tant aspects that can help us to manage this ‘change’ effectively and positively.


It has been seen that an organi­sation or some of the people working in the organisation re­sist or are reluctant to change.

I remember the scenario when new machines were brought into a medium-sized manufacturing organisation to help enhance the speed as well as the quality of the production process.

Despite the change and that too a positive one some of the man­agers were not happy with it and the reason was that they were not keen on learning and developing knowledge about these new and advanced machines.

“We are extremely happy with the existing machines and the way they are producing the prod­ucts, then why this change?” complained one of the managers to his colleagues.

Eventually all of them had to go through specific training to gain the knowledge about the new and technologically advanced machines and to the surprise of many, the same manager who was initially complaining began praising the same machines.

“So how did this change hap­pen?” his boss asked the manager after he had returned from the training session.

“Sir, to be honest, what changed me was when I was explained the purpose of the change.

I was convinced about the rea­sons for getting the machines and especially the benefits that would happen to the organization as a whole.


Change will always be done to­wards the betterment of the or­ganisation and yet some people don’t accept it.

I therefore would say that all of us must develop what is simply known as the OPEN-MIND.

We must be open to change and by that I mean that we must have the attitude to understand and learn.

My message to all is never to im­mediately reject ‘change’.

The first thing we can and must do is to allow our mind to listen, comprehend, analyse and then accept the change.

An important point to remem­ber is that a closed- mind will always act as a barrier to the de­velopment of the department and eventually the organisation.

The COURAGE factor

Anyone who has the desire and determination to create or initi­ate a TRANSFORMATION either within a department or a divi­sion or the entire organization or even within the employees must understand that sometimes a change or transformation could also fail or not succeed in meet­ing the expectations.

Having said this the person initiating the transformation or change must develop the COUR­AGE of CONVICTION and go ahead and implement the change.

The attitude of fear or feeling of “What if I fail in bringing success from the change?” could make him or her nervous towards actu­ally make the transformations.

Failing is a part of success and hence we must go ahead with our courage and convictions towards initiating the change

Leadership and Change

Leaders of any and every organ­sation must always be looking out for positive ‘OPPORTUNI­TIES’ for positive changes.

Today is different from yester­day and tomorrow is going to be all the more different and excit­ing.

It is for this reason that leaders especially must look out for ways to bring new technologies, inno­vative strategies for marketing, sales and even production as well as new ways of enhancing cus­tomer satisfaction.

Leaders must lead the change and by doing this they will be able to inspire their teams to fol­low successfully.

I wish to finally say that change is something that even a caterpil­lar goes through towards eventu­ally becoming a beautiful ‘BUT­TERFLY’.

This process is very painful and rigorous for the caterpillar and yet it does not stop the change.

The perseverance and determi­nation of this caterpillar is some­thing which we too can learn and make our change successful as well.

We too may face tough situations and pain while going through transformation or change but like the caterpillar we must not stop until we accomplish the ul­timate goal!


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