Owner Claims Arsonist Caused House Fire

“But by the time she yelled out, the person lit a match and threw it inside and ran away.
12 Mar 2019 10:00
Owner Claims Arsonist Caused House Fire
Sanjay Kishore Chand inside his burnt home at Natabua in Lautoka yesterday.

A family has been left with only the clothes they were wearing after a fire destroyed their house at the weekend.

Sanjay Kishore Chand, of Natabua, in Lautoka, claims that someone deliberately burned his three-bedroom house on Saturday night.

Mr Chand, 46, was at work and his wife Parbhashni Lata was alone at home when the fire started at about 7pm.

“Someone sprayed benzene inside the house and burnt it. From the window, my wife saw someone spraying benzene,” he said.

“But by the time she yelled out, the person lit a match and threw it inside and ran away.

“I struggled to build the house about 10 years ago and to buy the household stuff and other things.

“My wife did shopping on Saturday afternoon and all the groceries were also burned.”

Mr Chand said he did not have animosity with anyone, but claimed that a relative could have got someone to burn his house.

He estimated damage to the house and his belongings at $70,000.

“I really don’t know what to do now. I have a son who is working and another son attends university in Suva,” Mr Chand said.

“Since I don’t have anything left now, I urge the Government for some assistance, so that I can rebuild the house.”

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said no one was injured and investigations were continuing.

“A woman in her 40s was alone at home when she heard someone trying to break into the bedroom,” Ms Naisoro said.

“She actually claimed that she smelt benzene before the fire started.”

Ms Naisoro said the three-bedroom house was destroyed with its contents, adding that the estimated cost of damage was $30,000.

Edited by Percy Kean


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