Creating Solutions From Second Plastic Life

So if people know they can make suits out of plastic bottles then they will go looking for bottles in their community.”
14 Mar 2019 10:10
Creating Solutions From Second Plastic Life
From left: Jeff Maguire of Coca Cola Amatil Don Thomson of The Centre for Regenerative Design and Collaboration with Douglas Woodring founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance during the 11th Global Plasticity Forum at Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva on March 13, 2019. Photo: Ronald Kumar

Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance Douglas Woodring said the 11th Global Plasticity Forum, Plasticity Pacific, is all about solutions for second-life plastics.

He made these remarks at the forum yesterday which took place at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva.

“The focus of this event is on solutions for the smaller-sized communities.

A lot of times the innovators do not come to these communities because they say the markets are too small or it’s too far away.

But all countries have small communities and waste is localised so the waste has to be treated in the local districts,” Mr Woodring said.

“My suit is made from plastic bottles, so there are secondary markets for material but the world is not focused on that yet,” he said.

“The main problem for the world is to find ways to put a value on plastic material. If there’s value in it then people will collect it.

So if people know they can make suits out of plastic bottles then they will go looking for bottles in their community.”

He said that they believe people from the islands can be leaders for the world by having such events.

“Community can be supported by trying to buy recycled content. We can invent something from recycled stuff, which can create a new industry and a job.”

He added that the youths can make a huge difference by motivating their grandparents and parents on the importance of plastics being recycled.

“We need plastic for so many things. But a Styrofoam lunch box, plastic forks and plates, plastic wrapping on a banana can be avoided,” Mr Woodring said.

“I think the angle is to get rid of the unnecessary things that we can survive without and then really figure out how to focus on all the other materials that we still need in our world and how to get back in the second plastic life and make value.”

Edited by Susana Tuilau


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