Futsal League Moves To Next Round

"Each round of games consists of two phases where­by 16 teams have been participating in each phase of their respective pool games which have been success­fully hosted for the past six weeks."
21 Mar 2019 12:00
Futsal League Moves To Next Round
Team Energy Fiji Limited at the National Hockey Centre, Suva on March 19, 2019. Photo: Futsal League

All home games in the Ovaltine Suva Business House Futsal Soccer League have now been played following the successful completion of the final phase of round three at the National Hock­ey Centre in Laucala Bay, Suva on Tuesday night.

Each round of games consists of two phases where­by 16 teams have been participating in each phase of their respective pool games which have been success­fully hosted for the past six weeks.

“With the third round of games now over, we move into the second leg of pool games next week on a home and away basis,” tournament organiser Alan Kumar of Bula Events Groups said.

“Even though the venue remains the same, we have followed the home and away basis so after playing three respective pool games, each of the 32 teams will now play the same teams again over the next three rounds which will once again span over six weeks before we move into the elimination rounds,” Kumar added.

He said two games which were postponed last week during phase one of round three due to unavailabil­ity of court number two have now been played to­gether with phase two pool games on Tuesday night.

Defending champions Fiji SUN went down 3-2 against Evergreen International while tournament favourites Gokals thumped Acton Fiji 4-0 secur­ing their third back-to-back win in the two catch up games from phase one of round three.

“Having lost two games and drawn one, this year’s campaign seems to be getting tougher for the defend­ing champions and it seems we will have a new win­ner this year,” Kumar said.

“We witnessed some of the best games so far on Tuesday night. The first game between Fiji SUN and Evergreen International was played at a very high pace as both teams were playing attacking soccer throughout.”

Kumar said the second match between Suva City Council and JR White was a cracker of a match.

“Suva City Council (SCC) with all players over 40-years-old displayed wonderful soccer skills and kept the crowd on their toes. JR White with the ser­vice of Navua rep Monit Chand tried hard but was well marked as SCC secured a win by 2-1.

“It was a tough night for some of the prominent teams and it’s great to see that the standard and pace of soccer has grown week by week.

“I am proud to say that we are not here only to focus on our theme but to help in futsal development. There are a lot of upcoming players who can represent our national team and I believe Bula Events Group has set a platform for futsal to grow in the country.

“Without the support of our sponsor – Ovaltine we could not have organised this competition at this lev­el and that shows our partnership with the world’s leading healthy drink is giving everyone an opportu­nity to give a healthy competition and great network­ing platform to our Suva based business houses.

“We have now completed all home games and come next week the return leg will start for another six weeks.”

Results- Court 1: Evergreen International 3-2 Fiji SUN: JR White 1-2 SCC; BSP 5-1 Fiji Ports; Carpen­ters Finance 1-2 UB Freight; ANZ 1-1 EFL ; China/Swire 1-1 LTA; Gokals 4-0 Acton Fiji.

Court 2- USP 5-2 Ashabhai; Holiday Inn 9-1 Erasito Consultant. Missing game from home leg: FNPF v Unit Trust of Fiji (to be played at a later date.

Edited by Leone Cabenatabua


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