Haulage Association Seeks Dialogue With Ministry And Authorities

"President Hector Smith said: “We have got a lot of restriction in carrying capacity.”
24 Mar 2019 14:53
Haulage Association Seeks Dialogue With Ministry And Authorities
The Road Haulage Association executive members from left Assistant Secretary Manoj Jeet,newly appointed Vice President West Asad Khan,newly appointed Vice President North Taiyab Hussain,President Hector Smith,newly appointed Treasurer Mohammed Sahib,General Secretary Humphrey Chang and Vice President Central Mosese Volavola during the AGM at the Novotel Suva Lami Bay on March 23,2019. Photo: Simione Haravanua.

The Road Haulage Associa­tion is seeking dialogue with the Ministry of Trans­port and other authorities.

This was raised during their AGM at Novotel Suva Lami Bay yesterday.

President Hector Smith said: “We have got a lot of restriction in carrying capacity.”

This included restrictions on the importation of second hand vehi­cles

Also present at the AGM was Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Jone Usamate.


Mr Smith said: “We have rec­ommend to sit with the Ministry with LTA and FRA and to come up with an MOU.

“Because the MOU has a transi­tion period.

“We are deciding on our future and we need to know what we are going towards so that we don’t buy in advance and then we are stuck with something that we don’t want.

“The industry need to take one step forward and the Ministry and authorities need to take a step forward too.

“We need to know and be con­sulted by the authority

“We are happy the minister is here to actually hear all our con­cerns,” Mr Smith said.

“We have been hearing voices of striking, we are here to voice the concerns that these vehicles are designed by manufacturers for certain specifications.

“We are buying it for those speci­fications.

“Now new lot of people come in and say the previous people were wrong. But if we are spending money in buying we can’t return this equipment.”


Mr Smith LTA and FRA are there for the industry, not the industry for them.

“But we respect them with no mistake. But the timelines are given by them not by us. I have no idea why it takes so long for FRA to change the regulations. LTA has been a sticking point.”

“We hope to have a dialogue as soon as possible.

“We load thousands and thou­sands of containers every week.

“We want the facilities to last, we are not arrogant, we know the bridges been neglected.

“Somewhere along the line we need to refit to a standard and the bridges are good.”

Minister Usamate

Minisiter said: “In Fiji, we are very reliant on transportation by road so the work of your mem­bers has been critical for our de­velopments.

Speaking to RHA members he said: “The Road Haulage industry currently plays a critical role in our country and will continue to do for a long time.

“Your role in transportation has been vital in that growth spurt that we need to maintain.”


Mr Usamate said FRA has identi­fied a total of 226 bridges that are most at risk and need immediate work.

Adopt Australian and New Zea­land road standards

He said Government will look to adopt appropriate Australian and New Zealand standards so all new roads and infrastructure assets are constructed to these stand­ards and specifications.

Mr Usamate said if adopted then the heavy haulage industry would be allowed to transport up to 44T Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), which is significantly higher than the current 32T maximum.

Legislation review

He said: “We will consider re­viewing current legislations, and will consider New Zealand and Australian standards.”


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