Letters To The Editor, March 23, 2019

Tithes and offerings are a sacred matter to God and He will deal with pastors and church leaders who misuse it, thinking what belongs to God is theirs!
24 Mar 2019 04:30
Letters To The Editor, March 23, 2019

Talking heads just walk the talk
Arvind Mani, Nadi

A week after the Christchurch attacks, New Zealand is taking serious action on gun laws. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that all military-style semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and high-capacity magazines would be banned. Ms Ardern has won worldwide acclaim for her decisive action just as our PM did when he espoused immediate and massive action about climate change.There are a lot of talking heads in Fiji who get their 15 seconds of fame by saying what they think the public wants to hear, but when it comes to actually doing something they are missing in action. An example of this, as Jyoti Pratiibha rightly pointed out, was when Shamima Ali, who always talks about abuse against women, was strangely quiet when our Minister for Education, Rosy Akbar, was badgered by the faceless, cowardly morons on social media.

I am glad to read that an 18-year old youth, three other New Zealanders and a man from the UK have been taken in by authorities for spreading hate and for callously posting and sharing graphic and insensitive streaming of the brutal killing at the mosque in Christchurch.
Prompt steps like these are an effective deterrent to reduce such despicable acts.On the other hand, there has been a lot of talk for years about reducing domestic violence, curbing road fatalities and keeping Fiji beautiful. Two out of three women are still being abused (and that statistic is from the reported cases only).

It could be higher. Road fatalities are more than what they were at this time last year. Trash is being tossed without any fear of reprisal.
People have no sense of civic pride. So, appealing to their good sense through TV clips and radio announcements are pointless. I read a notice at a school at Maro (I am paraphrasing) that said it is a shame that we litter and our garbage has to be picked up by people who are less educated than us.
Speed demons drive with reckless abandon, running through red lights. Just this morning I saw a car at about 100kph at Martintar, Nadi. This is a heavily-populated area.

Why don’t we have speed bumps? Why don’t we have a 50kph zone? Why don’t the lights have cameras? Why don’t we have highway patrols dedicated to eliminate severe traffic violations.
The cost incurred can be easily countered by imposing heavy fines. Traffic violations are a cash cow in California.
The talking heads can talk all they want to create the perception that they are genuinely concerned, but the statistics speak louder than words.s.

Feeding the pastor
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, suva

I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I heard on an iTaukei Breakfast Show on Thursday morning the discussion that the Bible teaches about Jesus feeding more than 5000 people with five barley loaves and two fishes, but today it is the people feeding the pastors.

This was followed by the usual comment: If you want to be rich start a church!The Bible teaches that the church is the body of Christ and that Christ Himself is the head, not the pastor or any human mentor.

The Old Testament Sanctuary Services was set up by God to reveal to humanity His plan of salvation for mankind (Gospel), pointing to Jesus and laying the outline for His three-fold ministry and last-day events.

The tithing system was instituted by God, so that those who were involved full-time in the sanctuary services, such as the Tribe of Levi, could live on it because the Promised Land was only shared by the eleven tribes of Israel.

The Bible clearly teaches that all tithes and offerings should go to the storehouse and from there it is used to pay for church workers, including pastors, and the other operating expenses, but most importantly, the core of its existence – preaching the Gospel of Christ and preparing lives for eternity.
God promises blessings to those who return a faithful tithe and offering for the support of His work in the saving of others.

Tithes and offerings are a sacred matter to God and He will deal with pastors and church leaders who misuse it, thinking what belongs to God is theirs!

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