‘Proper’ Communication Towards Faster Growth!

A lot of times the educated youth think that acquiring graduation or even post-graduation degrees or diplomas in technical, functional or manage­ment subjects from universities or colleges are more than
29 Mar 2019 22:36
‘Proper’ Communication Towards Faster Growth!

A lot of times the educated youth think that acquiring graduation or even post-graduation degrees or diplomas in technical, functional or manage­ment subjects from universities or colleges are more than enough to not only get selected but also quick­ly become a successful employee in the organization.

What they don’t realize is that along with these excellent degrees and qualifications, what truly acts as a positive as well as progressive catalyst in making the person a fan­tastic employee is his or her ability to develop and implement ‘proper communication’.

We must realize that any employee form any function will be able to rise to the levels of a manager or later a general manager through the com­bination of technical knowledge, positive attitude and along with it strong and positive communication skills.

I wish to reiterate this through a real-life scenario that I was witness to.

It was Friday and we were having our weekly interactive meeting. This time though, even our CEO was attending it and for a specific reason.

One of our colleagues, Mr Avinesh, was going to be promoted to the po­sition of a team leader.

He was a senior member of our team with a very rich experience of having done alot of customer sales on the field.

We were very happy about this de­velopment although I never worked directly with Avinesh and was hap­py that he was getting recognized for his long and hard work and dedi­cation.


After the announcement about his promotion, the CEO requested him to say a few words. Avinesh, with a slight reluctance, got up from his chair, walked towards the podium and started speaking to us.

It was then that I realized some­thing very important.

Through the entire speech I was able to understand just about ten percent of it and there was a reason.

It wasn’t as though my hearing was impaired.

The fact of the matter was that Avinesh was not at all audible.

He was speaking with a lot of nerv­ousness and displaying a lack of speech clarity.

Even his eye contact was towards the floor rather than towards all of us.

After the speech we all applauded and then politely left the conference room.

Avinesh, having been promoted to the position of a team leader meant that I was also reporting to him.

No doubt, he was a very nice per­son and with great experience, how­ever, he was very poor in his com­munication.

Especially during our daily meet­ings and assessments I, along with the other members would have a very difficult time comprehending his points and observations. He would speak softly and not utter the words with clarity and this hence would confuse us.

The moment one of us would seek further clarification he would be­gan to get irritated.

Even during our meetings with new clients I would see them feel­ing irritated with Avinesh’s almost inaudible and unclear communica­tion.

Bad Team Leader

Was he a bad team leader? Well! To be very honest I would say he was a good team leader with a positive at­titude but with one critical flaw and this flaw was his improper commu­nication style along with absence of what is known as Leadership Asser­tive Communication skills.

Even while trying to convince the client he seemed extremely unsure of what he was saying and this was mainly due to his lack of assertive­ness or self-confidence.

At times Avinesh would be un­able to control his anger and hence would speak to us with extreme rudeness and that too in front of other colleagues leaving us a bit de­moralized as well.

Interestingly enough just after six months during the performance evaluation of all the teams and team leaders it was seen that Avinesh had failed to meet the targets.

“We have been noticing that the morale of your team has decreased drastically and some of your team members have even left the organi­zation.

Why is this happening only with your team? One of the clients sent me an email saying that you don’t even respond to them on time and even during negotiations with them they are not able to comprehend your communication.

What is happening Avinesh?

The General Manager was very firm and direct with him and con­tinued to explain further, “Dear team, you must understand that we may have the best product-knowledge and along with it a great positive attitude but without proper communication you will never be able to make the right and positive impression upon your clients as well as your customers.

Proper communication leads to proper understanding by your lis­teners and that will lead to proper implementation.

Whether it is Avinesh or anyone of you seated in this room, we all have to recognize and respect the role of proper communication in our pro­fessional as well as our personal lives.

I need each one of you to start im­proving and enhancing on the vari­ous skills of communication and I will be expecting to see a positive transformation in each one of you within the next two months” Saying this he left the room leaving us with a lot to positively think about.

I am sure this scenario that I have shared with you has also made you to sincerely introspect about the role and importance of ‘proper com­munication’ towards faster growth!


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