Mohammed Saneem: MPs Statement Inaccurate

This is present in all Fijian Elections Office Forms and is a service that a voter can take advantage of themselves at the time that a person comes to receive voter services.
06 Apr 2019 10:09
Mohammed Saneem: MPs Statement Inaccurate
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem

It is noted with concern that various statements were made in Parliament yesterday that contain significant amounts of inaccuracies and inconsistencies which continues the trend of spreading incorrect information from any platform possible, including now the Fijian Parliament – regarding elections.

Polling venues:

Statements made by an Ho­nourable member of Parliament today allege that voters were assigned to polling venues by a software which is absolutely incorrect as voters have the full right to select a polling venue of their own choice at the time they register to vote.

This is present in all Fijian Elections Office Forms and is a service that a voter can take advantage of themselves at the time that a person comes to receive voter services.

The Fijian Elections Office had published numerous times before the 2018 General Election the venues that will be used for the 2018 General Election and also carried out direct verification of Voter Lists through Turaga ni Koros in villages that were either remote or had lesser access to the general media platform.

The FEO finds it bizarre that new claims have now been made through the Parliamentary platform of in-correct assignments of voters wherein the Honourable Member of Parliament has failed to acknowledge the law that requires voters themselves to correct the venue and in the event that they have not done so, the law even goes to the extent of disqualifying the voters from voting.

FEO campaign:

The Fijian Elections Office also highlights that the Fijian Elections Office carried out a seven-month long campaign in 2018 to create awareness amongst voters and at the same time provided the electoral services that voters could use to amend or update their details. Voters who failed to do so are responsible for that action themselves.

Full access:

Political Parties had full access to the National Register of Voters and the issues that the particular MP is highlighting currently, could have been resolved in a more positive manner should the Party have directly raised them before the General Election to facilitate those voters being able to vote.

1500 platform:

The Fijian Elections Office has also made available the 1500 platform for voters to check where they were entitled to vote and thereafter if changes were necessary, voters could have made use of our services.

The FEO invites the Honourable Member to contact us so that we can organize the necessary information session or training possibly – considering that the MP is also the General Secretary of SODELPA – so that she can receive the most accurate election information and at the same time update her knowledge on the election and the processes involved.

The Fijian Elections Office extends this invitation to all members of the public and Parliamentarians to seek this assistance from us directly in order to avoid continuous mis-statements being made – now even on the Parliamentary platform.


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