Early Morning Walk In Suva Dangerous

Tyrone Sky Taito lost vision on his right eye after the attack.
12 Apr 2019 10:11
Early Morning Walk In Suva Dangerous
Tyrone Sky Taito

Twenty-year-old Tyrone Sky Taito, the man who has lost vision in one eye after being attacked in Suva, is urging people to be more aware of their surroundings.

Mr Taito, who was yesterday discharged after five days in hospital, shared his ‘horror’ story to the media about the morning of April 3.

Walking back from work with a friend around 5.15am, they decided to take the route along the seawall to the bus stand and walk across to Ratu Sukuna Park. He is a DJ at a nightclub in Suva.
His friend noticed four men coming towards them.

“One of the men came in front of us while the other three came behind and just in a split second, I felt a big thump on my head. They kept punching me until I let go of my bag,” said Mr Taito.

The attack left him bloodied with a swollen right eye and face and fractures around his right eye socket.

“It happened so fast and they kept hitting me saying to give up my phone,” he said.

“After they took my bag and ran away, I wanted to run after them but I was in too much pain so my friend helped me up and took me to the CWM Hospital A&E (Accident and Emergency).

“I have lost vision in my right eye and I really wish I could get it back,” Mr Taito said.

He counts himself lucky to still alive and urges the public to be vigilant of what is happening around their surrounding.

“I urge the public to be aware and careful wherever they are walking and to walk in big groups. Pay attention and do whatever you can to protect yourself from such dangers.”

The four men are still at large, and the family is pleading to members of the public to come out to Police if there is any information with concerns to what Mr Taito had to encounter.

Edited by Ranoba Baoa

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