Fiji Navy Activates Search And Rescue After an Inter-Island Ferry Emergency

The MV Liahona II was safely escorted into Kavala bay by the RFNS Kikau.
19 Apr 2019 12:48
Fiji Navy Activates Search And Rescue After an Inter-Island Ferry Emergency
The Fiji Maritime Surveillance Rescue Coordination Centre has activated its search and rescue operations.

UpdateThe search and rescue operation activated by the Fiji Maritime Surveillance Rescue  Coordination Centre was terminated  as of 4:50pm, Friday April 19, 2019.

This comes after the RFNS Kikau safely escorted the MV Liahona II into Kavala Bay.



A three member team from the Volunteer First Responders were also deployed with the Fiji Navy. The team included an emergency physician and 2 rescue medics.






The Fiji Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre has confirmed that the RFNS Kikau was deployed to monitor the MV Liahona II.

This is the latest from the Centre:




A search and rescue operation has been activated by the Fiji Maritime Surveillance Rescue  Coordination Centre (FMSRCC) for an inter-island ferry emergency. The centre confirmed that an inter-island ferry is taking water near Kadavu.

They also confirmed that the ferry is in ‘abit of danger after it lost its forward ramp. FMSRCC said the captain hasn’t activated a distress signal yet and nearby Fiji Naval vessels are on standby. FMSRCC is in contact with the captain to check on its status. The ferry is believed to be the MV Liahona II. It is still unknown at this stage how many passengers are on board. A passenger on the boat had posted a video on Twitter.


Background on the MV Liahona II:

The vessel is owned by South Island Shipping Services.

Early last month it was docked at the Fiji Ship and Heavy Industries Limited’s (FSHIL) slipway in Suva undergoing major maintenance works.

MV Liahona II was up-hauled on March 2, 2019 by its owners after seeing the need to upgrade the ves­sel’s under water steel hull and en­gine works.

Read more about it here.

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