Meet Ana Tuiketei

Ana Tuiketei, Legal Consultant, sessional lecturer with the School of Law, University of the South Pacific; University of Fiji and a part time consultant with the Fiji National University.
28 Apr 2019 12:16
Meet Ana Tuiketei
Legal consultant Ana Tuiketei with husband rugby referee, World Rugby Educator and Entrepreneur James Bolabiu.

You see the name popping up in many areas, Legal, Corporate Governance, Education, Small and Micro States, Commerce and Rugby. The list goes on. But who really is this high flying, high achieving Ana Tuiketei?

Ms Tuiketei is a Legal Consultant and graduated from the University of the South Pacific.

She is a sessional lecturer with the School of Law, University of the South Pacific; University of Fiji and a part time consultant with the Fiji National University.

She is also a Deputy Director of the Institute of Small and Micro States that is based in the United Kingdom.

She currently an Executive Board Member for the Fiji Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Fijian Holdings Limited Fund Management Limited; Employment Relations Advisory Board; the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant; Haus of Khameleon; and a former Vice President of the Fiji Women Lawyers Association.

She is in the UK Commonwealth Secretariat Task Force on International Arbitration.

She is the only Fijian female accredited World Rugby Judicial Officer and is one of only two women that are Oceanic Judicial Officers.

She has also been involved in presenting before the Fiji Parliamentary Committees; drafting legislative reviews, strategic policies and industry negotiations for regional institutions such as University of the South Pacific, Fiji National University, Ministry of Health, Fiji Employers Federation; Fiji Hotel Association, statutory bodies, non-profit organisations; international organisations, private and public sector organisations. Ms Tuiketei comes with a wealth of experience, knowledge and extensive professional exposure not only limited to Fiji’s domestic public policy and private sector engagement, but with international professional perspective, engagement and experience.

Ms Tuiketei is married to rugby referee, World Rugby Educator and Entrepreneur James Bolabiu.

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Below are excerpts of an interview with Ms Tuiketei:

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a proud Pacific Islander who loves to be involved in daringly fun activities that is a lawyer by training.

I do not define myself with a label because I know I am more than that.

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I am in the business of adding value along with solutions to any institution/ organisation/individual or business locally and internationally. My holistic approach to any situation and my involvement in various platforms have allowed me to do this confidently with ease.


SunBiz understands that you are a member of various boards and councils. Can you tell us a bit about it?

I am on a number of Boards and Committees whose priorities range from sports law, employment relations, entrepreneurship and private sector, international commerce and trade, gender and human rights, public international law, law reform and so forth; some of these include:

•World Rugby Judicial Panel

•Commonwealth Secretariat Task Force on International Arbitration

•Miss Pacific Islands Pageant Board

•Employment Relations Advisory Board

•FHL Fund Management Limited

•Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board

•Hous of Khameleon

•Fiji National Sports Commission Legal Panel

Ana Tuiketei

Ana Tuiketei

What’s your greatest strength?

I normally use different strengths/skills and talents in different situations I am in but generally:

•I work well under pressure and I can balance a lot of activities/commitment on my plate

•I am very inclusive in my work ethic as I am aware of unconscious bias when approaching any issue

•I know how to prioritise and have leant to let go when it comes people management

•I do not shy away from standing my ground and am not intimidated by bullies

•I am friendly but firm


What scares you?

As I get older I realise that fear is something I just have todealwithsoitisnotamo- tivator or an anchor when it comes to decision making. There will always be concerns or issues, but there is always a solution and always an option when it comes to anything.


What’s your most treasured possession?

The bible says where your treasure is your heart is as well so for me it’s definitely intangible at the moment- beautiful friendships and fun memories with my husband.

Legal consultant Ana Tuiketei with husband rugby referee, World Rugby Educator and Entrepreneur James Bolabiu.

Legal consultant Ana Tuiketei with husband rugby referee, World Rugby Educator and Entrepreneur James Bolabiu.

What virtue do you most admire in people?

•Loyalty- In general life is a journey so it is an essential indicator in any type of relationship about an individual and the way in which they will con- tribute to your life’s journey.

•Authenticity- We live in a cosmetic world where social pressure can make people pretend to be someone they are not or put on a faced that they need to be someone else in order to be accepted.

It takes courage to be true to who you are and to truly know who you are.

What’s one thing about you that would surprise people?

I am a very private person and I like my space. I am involved in various activities and in a lot of committees as I am a social butterfly, but I actually enjoy my own privacy.


What travel experience is in your bucket list?

My Top five would be: Skydiving in Dubai; Watch a live Recording of Red Table Talk Episode with Michelle Obama as a guest; Shark Diving in South Africa, Skiing at the Swiss Alps; and Visiting the Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings, White Desert & Diving in the Red Sea in Egypt.

If you could turn back time, what would you change in your life?

I would be a lot kinder to myself and as a young adult I would have taken more risks in decision making without being conscious of my assumed gender role/ cultural hindrances/others’ unconscious bias on relevant issues.


What’s your greatest achievement?

Nothing to date that I deem as “the Greatest” so the best is yet to come.


If you could have dinner with two famous people, who would you choose?

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey- I love their innovative work ethic, their positive platforms, their zest for life, their influence in changing global narratives especially for colored women and their courage to remain true to their essence despite the prejudice they had to endure.


If you were down to your last $10, what would you spend it on?

I would save it and use it when I really need it.


How would you like to be remembered?

That I made an impact in people’s lives and that people got to experience a glimmer of God’s love through what I have done.


What advice to young people who would like to become lawyers/solicitors?

There are various publications that can assist young people that want to venture into this profession, however from my experience I can suggest the following:

•You need to want to be a lawyer as it comes with responsibilities. Depending on the area of law you will pursue you might have to be available 24/7; or to always be accessible (within reason) to not only complete the task but also be able to prioritize so you can have a work-life balance.

•You need to be a strong writer as you will need to draft documents, pleadings, agreements, resolutions, etc. If you want to be a trial lawyer you must master the art of oral persuasion and this is an ongoing skill.

•You must be passionate about creating opportunities to bring change to society whilst developing your own capacity to affect change.

You should never stop learning and you will need to continue to diversify your skills irrespective of specialty.


If you could do any other job, what would it be?

I would be a classical violinist in an orchestra.


What’s your guilty pleasure?


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