Letters: 29th April, 2019

SODELPA are talking about recycling another “has been” leader in Laisenia Qarase.
29 Apr 2019 14:48
Letters: 29th April, 2019

Recycling leaders

Jan Nissar, Carlton NSW 2218
SODELPA are talking about recycling another “has been” leader in Laisenia Qarase.

Have the SODELPA leadership and supporters forgotten that this man is a convicted person who has served time?

They already have a leader with a lot of baggage from 32 years ago, now they want to get another leader with a lot of baggage.

Are the people in SODELPA blind, deaf or plain dumb?

Perhaps all of the above?
Consumer woes

Veena Ben, Nadi
We purchased a Fridge in late 2016 from a well-known company in Nadi for $1900 because we were led to believe that this was a reputable company with good after-sales service.

The fridge gave us problems immediately after purchase, but was replaced because it carried a two-year warranty.

Just as the two years went the fridge failed to cool/freeze and when we approached the company, they said that they don’t provide spare parts or service repair and instead referred us to a third party.

The third party told us that the repair would including part would cost $480 with a three-month warranty, but that the part would take several weeks to get here.

We than googled the part and saw that it was available in Australia for about $F45. We ordered the same and in all it cost less than $F80 and with fitting it cost us in total approximately $F120.

Can the Consumer Council of Fiji and the Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission look into this so that poor consumers are not taken for a ride?

Companies selling products should carry or have access to spare parts and personnel to carry out service works at a reasonable price.

Companies and firms who import consumer products into the country need to go through a product-verification process in terms of service and part replacement at a reasonable cost.

As well, the products must be certified as suitable and have value for money. We should not be a dumping ground for electrical, plumbing, building and other consumer products which are substandard.
Pool holes

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu
The extensive damage on the roads from the recent rain has caused not potholes, but pool holes.
Road signs

Sukha Singh, Labasa
I have seen a lot of road signs, but never seen any “POTHOLE” signs on any road.

Anyway, I saw a post on facebook suggesting all roads should have the name, number and address of the contractor who built it.

They could also tell us how much was paid for the construction.


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