ADB 2019: Ba Women’s Forum Showcase Craft Work

ADB an eye opener for Ba entrepreneurs.
01 May 2019 23:53
ADB 2019: Ba Women’s Forum Showcase Craft Work
Members of the Ba Women's Forum selling their craft at the 52nd ADB Annual meeting. Photo: Ilaijia Ravuwai.

For many of the members of the Ba Women’s Forum, the products that they make are their only source of income.

Some of these women were given the opportunity to showcase their products at the 52nd Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting at the Sheraton Resort and Spa yesterday.

The Ba women, Sisilia Tui, Rochelle Ram, Nazmin Ali and Nalini Devi were given the privilege to display their hand-made baskets, fans, mats and shirts. during the annual meeting.

Ms Devi said to represent the women of Ba at such a global event would help them gain more exposure.

Ms Devi further commended the Government on their continuous support toward the Forum.

“This is our source of income, and most of the women who are part of theBa Women’s Forum have learnt a lot in terms of sewing, basket making, baking and the sort,” Ms Devi said.

“Being part of the ADB annual meeting has been an eye-opener and we are looking forward to the days to come.”

Ms Devi is urging other local entrepreneurs to diversify in other trades such as this to help in income generation.


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