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BTL: 7th May, 2019

The station response was....“we have no vehicle at the moment”.
07 May 2019 12:38
BTL: 7th May, 2019
Police and helpers carry the body bag containing the dead man.

Where’s our humanity?
It was sad how people responded to a man who collapsed and was struggling to breathe at a shopping mall yesterday.

When BTL arrived at the scene the man was shivering. It tried to apply some help, laid him sideways, held him as the nearest Police station was called from a mobile phone.

The station response was….“we have no vehicle at the moment”.

BTL then sent a girl to call the nearest private doctor, only a stone’s throw away, to at least come and apply some first aid.

She came back with the doctor’s message: “Just take him to the nearest hospital.”

Police arrived about 20 minutes later.

By the time needed help arrived, the man had gasped his last breath. Police confirmed his death.

But then they waited for another 30 minutes for the body bag.

The deceased lay on the floor, fully exposed to people who had gathered to see what was happening.

Some passers-by walked past laughing as if this was one big joke or an act.

They did not bother to help. When the officers were questioned why they had to leave the body like that, the response was “we still looking for a cloth”.

BTL rushed to a second-hand clothing outlet, just two steps away, grabbed a white sheet and covered the body.

If help had arrived promptly, the man might have survived. Shame on those who could have helped but didn’t.
Gumboot clue
A gumboot found at Cakautabu Reef by fishers from Vuya Village in Bua  has given closure  to Vua Ratucoko that her husband, Ameri Ratucoko, has died at sea.

Her husband was one of the two men lost at sea after a fishing expedition.



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