Letters: 7th May, 2019

These offences are rarely committed by op­portunists nowadays; it is planned and com­mitted by individuals who are trusted by the victims. These perpetrators betray the trust that the victim and society place on them.
07 May 2019 15:20
Letters: 7th May, 2019

Selection nightmares

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The battle for positions to the 2019 Rugby World Cup is definitely a huge struggle for our players and final selection is likely to leave behind some broken hearts.

For example, in the backline, we have so many world-class players who can play in least two positions.

Some players can play only one position, but have almost extraordinary qualities that it’s hard to ignore them.

From the halfback to the fullback. You name the position. Our coaches will have nightmares trying to determine which one gets selected over the other.

All the best to the national team because it will be announced soon and their final prepa­ration for the 2019 World Cup.

Could this be our year? Will we defeat Aus­tralia? Only time will tell. The excitement in the Land of the Land of the Rising Sun is increasing.

Largest convention hall

Ronnie Chang , Nadi

Following Fiji’s ambitious, proud and privi­leged historic hosting of the ADB’s 52nd Board of Directors’ Annual General Meeting in Denarau, Nadi, and the Prime Minister’s call for the construction of Fiji’s largest con­vention hall with an astoundingly bold pro­jection for 4500 seating capacity, is indeed admirable.

Denarau, with its proven internationally- rated facilities, boasting a profile of almost 3000 luxury/superior accommodation rooms plus other tourist-oriented prerequisites in­cluding Port Denarau, golf course, numer­ous upmarket restaurants, bars, shopping complex will meet all required approvals, hands down, to host such a huge undertak­ing.

Besides, its close proximity to Nadi Inter­natiomal Airport plus a fancied array of offshore world-class resorts nestled in the near-by Mamanuca Group of Islands and all Yasawa has to offer, make Denarau the obvi­ous choice, by far.

I hope I am not proven wrong.

I do not see any other suitable and enviable location for such an international facility.

Denarau has proudly delivered with im­mense pride, distinction and dignity for and on behalf of tiny Fiji and the greater rim of the Pacific region.

Top marks, PM, A-G, Fiji Police, all con­cerned plus numerous volunteers. Take a bow !!!!

Fiji is today a prouder nation on the inter­national stage.

No easy feat

Laisa Digitaki, Australia

Hats off to ADB and the Fijian Government for pulling off a well-organised ADB Annual Meeting attended by more than 2000 partici­pants from across the globe.

It’s the first for Fiji to host an event of this scale – not an easy feat when you have a whole bunch of discerning professionals who’ve been to many other impressive meet­ing venues that they can compare Fiji with. I think Fiji did extremely well and pulled it off like a pro.

It was lovely seeing Fijian businesses in the tourism space taking advantage of the busi­ness opportunities that come with such a huge event. Had copious amounts of free Fiji Coffee from the LawHill Coffee pop-up stand. Vinaka Neil Underhill! Missed my VaiWai Water though Cate Pleass.

Bus transfers were great between the five locally-owned resorts where the meeting sessions and events took place – Sheraton Fiji Resort, Sheraton Denarau Villas, Wes­tin Fiji, Sofitel Fiji and Intercontinental Fiji. Vinaka Tony Whitton of Rosie Tours, James and Lala Sowane of Pacific Destination and others.

Cocktail and events set-up were on point Brigid Lomaloma Whitton! And I am sure that the participants must have bought some Fiji souvenirs from our Fijian artisans at the pop-up handicraft shops.

Governments come and go and they have to do what any government of the day must do – seize the moment and impress our guests, not only with our Fijian hospitality, but where we are at with all the developmental loans and donor funds that development banks like ADB have channelled to us over the years.

The Fiji Government showcased Fiji very well, but with some key fundamentals they will have to quickly improve.

It is now back to reality for the Fijian Gov­ernment ministers who were in our midst at the ADBAM.

Looking forward to even more positive out­comes for Fiji and the Fijians wellbeing and well done Fiji Government for hosting.

Fiji One News

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

It’s now close to four years since Digicel Fiji bought Sky Pacific off Fiji Television Limit­ed and that was exactly the last time many of us northerners watched Fiji One news.

What we get is pay TV in Sky Pacific and one of the conditions by Government when Digicel Fiji obtained acquisition of Sky Pa­cific was that it could not place local adver­tisements and local content on Sky Pacific hence the dropping of Fiji One and the inclu­sion of TVWan.

This meant that tens of thousands of Fiji citizens had no access to Fiji One National News, our only Fiji news channel. Instead we got PNG National News on TVWan.

I’m no television expert, but what I know is that we did have Fiji One News before the buy-out and now we don’t?

Many have bought the WALESI decoder and aerial, but still don’t get reception.

The proper, wiser judgement in the buy-out ought to have been that Fiji One News be in­cluded and televised Fiji wide.

The pressing question here is that it has been close to fours years since, but still noth­ing has been done to rectify the problem.

I live in Savusavu, Fiji, but know more about PNG than my own country! I’m even humming their songs!

How absurd is that?

Ba on course

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

The Men in Black are back.

Getting a semi-final spot in the Fiji FACT next week is not a surprise at all.

They were off the radar for some time, but are now back. With record victories in all tournaments in Fiji Ba seems to be on course again after being unbeaten in the pool stages last weekend. Diehard fans should be out in numbers to cheer on the Men in Black. Go Ba go!

E-Ticketing card

Rishant Nickil Prasad, , Vuci Rd, Nausori

The Government subsidises bus transport for school students. However, students are seen misusing these cards during weekends and for other purposes rather than in rela­tion to school.

While students tend to use the purple card for other purposes they soon end up with a shortage of funds in their cards.

They start complaining to the school and at Vodafone outlets that they have insufficient funds in their card, whereas they are the ones who have misused the card at the first place for other transportation purposes.

Parents should educate their children not to use the school cards after school hours or during weekends, which creates a shortage of funds in their cards. Besides parents, all bus drivers need to be strict with students who tap the school card during weekends.

Sexual offences

Salanieta Caginiveisaqa, Lautoka

As a concerned citizen it is alarming to note the increase in the number of sexual offenc­es committed as per the DPP report for the last three months.

What is more concerning is that the perpe­trators either have blood relations to the vic­tim or are known and trusted by the victim.

These offences are rarely committed by op­portunists nowadays; it is planned and com­mitted by individuals who are trusted by the victims. These perpetrators betray the trust that the victim and society place on them.

So as parents, the question to ponder is; who do we trust then. The answer is quite obvious, no one. As parents and guardians, it is our duty to be vigilant. We have to teach our children the good and bad touch and give our children the room to be confident enough to tell us when they are feeling uncomforta­ble around someone. With the rise in sexual offences, educating our children about sex should not be taboo anymore. We as adults owe it to our children to break this cycle of abuse and save them from lifelong trauma and stigma. We owe them a happy childhood.

That’s the least we can do.

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