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BTL: 8th May, 2019

The two men were from Makolei Village in Bua.
08 May 2019 13:49
BTL: 8th May, 2019

Bag completes closure
First it was the gumboot found at Cakautabu Reef by fishers from Vuya Village in Bua.

It featured in BTL yesterday and gave closure to Vua Ratucoko whose husband, Ameri Ratucoko, went missing at sea with another fisher.

Now a bag has been found by a woman   from Yadua Village on Yadua Island from the lower side of Bua Province.

She found a bag belonging to 70-year-old Losio Vulai, the second missing fisher, on the seashore.

The two men were from Makolei Village in Bua.

In the bag, the woman found a telephone which was not working and she took out the SIM card.

She found a number on the SIM and when she called it, a Berenadeta Durucala from Lautoka answered.

Ms Durucala said she was Mr Vulai’s eldest daughter and was staying in Lautoka.

Ms Durucala then called Salome Ratucoko in Makolei, who then called the Yadua woman.

Speaking from Makolei Village, Mikaele Limo said Ms Ratucoko was told that a packet of biscuits and a small tinned fish were in the bag.

The bag find  has also brought closure to Nanise Loela, wife of the late Mr Volai

Ms Ratucoko was also told that their boat was found at Kubulau beach in Bua.

Meanwhile, two crosses are now placed on a hill beside the roadside at Makolei as a remembrance to the two missing fishers.

Mr Ratucoko’s family at Vuya Village had also put up a cross with the gumboot as a remembrance.

Now the two families can move on with their lives.


Do they need Police permits?
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of groups soliciting funds publicly for a variety of causes.

Are they required to get Police permits? BTL thinks they should.

If it involves public donation, it needs transparency and accountability.


Journalist threatened again
It is evident that some people do not understand the role of journalists.

A young journalist has again been threatened by a person who did not like what she wrote.

This person and others like her need to know that it is unlawful to intimidate, harass or attack any journalist carrying out his or her job.

An attack on journalists is an attack on media freedom in this country. It should be strongly condemned.


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