Nawaikula – From outrageous to ridiculous

Obsession with Fiji Sun indicates lack of understanding about the role of news media
13 May 2019 13:53
Nawaikula – From outrageous to ridiculous
SODELPA Member of Parliament Niko Nawaikula.


Niko Nawaikula lives in his own little world of imagination.

It started off as a perception. Now he is so obsessed with it. He believes it is true – that the Fiji Sun is out to destroy SODELPA. That is far from the truth. It’s got to a point where it is outrageous and ridiculous.

In his recent post about an FBC news item he dragged in the Fiji Sun as if it had something to do with it. He had no reason to do it. But he did it nevertheless to satisfy his obsession.

If he does not know, he needs to know that all the SODELPA issues that have been discussed in Fiji Sun articles have been raised by party members who believe putting them out in the open would yield a positive outcome for the party.

Actually, when you think about it the initiative might have played an influential role in SODELPA winning more seats in the 2018 General Election.

Party headquarters was able to address the issues raised and rectify weaknesses.

Logically SODELPA should have lost badly in the last election. It had emerged from a serious split in the party between Ro Teimumu Kepa’s group and the so-called reformers spearheaded by the Vanua Levu bloc.

The FijiFirst Government had rolled out ground-breaking initiatives enough to win the people’s hearts. But SODELPA surprised everyone by winning six extra seats.

Mr Nawaikula should realise that no publicity is bad publicity. Those who understand the role of the media will not attack Fiji Sun as Mr Nawaikula did.

It is hypocritical that on one hand he supposedly champions media freedom, but on the other hand, he has this hatred against the Fiji Sun.

He should learn from his leader Opposition leader Sitiveni Rabuka, Opposition Whip Lynda Tabuya and Party founder and former member of Parliament Mere Samisoni.

With Mere Samisoni they share the same views about the clash between her and party HQ over the election conduct of the party leadership. He even confirmed that he chased a party team from erecting a Vote Rabuka poster because it was his constituency.

Mr Nawaikula should channel his energy to his prospects of retaining his seat and serving the people who voted him in.

The Fiji Sun will hold all political parties accountable to protect the people from unscrupulous leaders and representatives who use them for their own selfish political interests.

SODELPA is parading itself as the alternative government and it should expect to come under public scrutiny. Some of Nawaikula’s colleagues understand this well. That’s why they speak to the Fiji Sun because they want to clean up the party in terms of governance in preparation if it wins the next election and forms the government. Mr Nawaikula does not realise that. He is so preoccupied with his warped ideas that have no place in modern politics.

Besides, SODELPA brags about the leadership that listens.

Mr Nawaikula’s animosity towards the Fiji Sun contradicts it.


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