215-KM Walk Raises $15,000

The 25-member group walked more than 215 kilometres along the Queens Rd to reach Lautoka, the sugar capital of Fiji.
19 May 2019 11:46
215-KM Walk Raises $15,000
Supporters and members of the United Blind Persons of Fiji at Lautoka May 18, 2019 . Photo: Nicolette Chambers

A week-long walk by 25 visually impaired individuals from Suva to Lautoka ended successfully yesterday.

The walk, which was organised by the United Blind Persons of Fiji events chairperson, Rajnel Prasad, started on May 13, to raise funds for the organisation.

The 25-member group walked more than 215 kilometres along the Queens Rd to reach Lautoka, the sugar capital of Fiji.

Mr Prasad said the task of organising the event and getting the group to join in on the walk was no easy task.

“We started on a bad weather condition collecting money on the way,” he said.

“Here we are marking the first event for an organisation to host something like this.

“The team had a break; stopped at Wainadoi for lunch and continued from there.”

The official opening of the walk was hosted by the Uprising Beach Resort where they spent a night before they continued their journey.

“From Uprising Beach Resort, we walked to Namatakula Village in Sigatoka, we spent the night. From there we went to Vatukarasa Village and spent the night there, then we came to Sigatoka Town and spent a few hours there,” Mr Prasad said.

“Then we went to the Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay, where they organised afternoon tea for us and then we arrived in Nadi on Thursday. Today we are in Lautoka.”

It is estimated that the walk raised at least $15,000, which will go towards funding the group yearky activities, etc.

The Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports, Maritino Nemani, told the brave individuals that it was encouraging to see the effort put in for a worthy cause.

“Your walk is very encouraging and very bold as well,” Mr Nemani said.

“The Ministry will work together with the Fiji National Sports Commission to continue to help people like you who are not privileged to participate in a number of sports and activities.”

He encouraged them to stay positive.

Fiji National Sports Commission chairman Peter Mazey told the participants that they had proven that when people go out and do something others would come forward and assist.

“One of the sad situations we have in sports is that our able bodied sports people think that they shouldn’t have to do any fundraising or get out there and they think Government should fund everything. I’m afraid that’s not a possibility,” Mr Mazey said.

He said the commission would soon launch new sporting equipment in 24 different schools around the country for the visually impaired.

“We want to encourage those people that are partially blind that you be part of it and the sports commission will be there for you to assist you,” he said.

Edited by Naisa Koroi

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