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BTL: 23rd May, 2019

The cops were reprimanded but the drama has raised a number of questions.
23 May 2019 13:54
BTL: 23rd May, 2019

Toilet drama

A female employee of the High Court in Suva was still scratching her head after she went to their work toilet and found it closed.

She was allegedly stopped at the door by two cops who told her she could not go in.

Furious because she was bursting, she sought the help of her supervisor who ordered  the toilet opened.

They could not believe what they saw – clothes strewn on the floor and two naked couples (4 individuals) in compromising positions.

The cops were reprimanded but the drama has raised a number of questions.

Is it a public toilet or is it only for the staff of the court registry?

How were the men, in remand waiting for their cases to be called, in the women’s toilet?

Are remand persons allowed to interact with members of the public, including their partners or spouses, verbally or in other forms of physical intimacy?

While the incident may become the subject of jokes in the court precincts, it is a serious matter and should be dealt with accordingly to avoid a repetition. More importantly BTL feels it  compromises security and makes a mockery of the rules.

Compromise statement

SODELPA’s management board has issued a statement after its meeting  last Friday.

What it did not say was that there would be a board of inquiry to investigate the grievances of Youth president Jope Koroisavou and former MP Mere Samisoni. Ms Samisoni in particular accused the party HQ of dirty politics that undermined  constituency candidates like her. Other former MPs who lost their seats included Jiosefa Dulakiverata, Semesa Karavaki and Ratu Isoa Tikoca.

It was a compromise statement after a heated debate over the issue. Delegates from Nasinu, Lami, Suva, Naitasiri and Tailevu criticised the party leadership. In the fiery discussion, the party was told Mr Rabuka won a substantial number of his votes in these constituencies. SODELPA Tovata USA also raised the question of accountability and transparency over the party election campaign fund.


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